WOW! Wow artist zhongyixuan claims to be suffering from depression. Previously, he was scolded for sleeping as a female assistant

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Zhongyixuan entered the entertainment circle because he participated in the draft of China’s good voice. Later, he joined wow haw because he participated in the competition of tomorrow’s son. However, zhongyixuan’s development in the entertainment circle has not been very smooth in recent years, and he is still a blur in the entertainment circle. Wow wow artist zhongyixuan claims to be suffering from depression, but it seems that few netizens sympathize with zhongyixuan, because zhongyixuan has been exposed a negative scandal about female assistants before. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Zhongyixuan exposes depression

Recently, Zhong Yixuan posted on his social platform, saying that he always wanted to show a better side to everyone, but some time ago he did something very sorry, which caused trouble to many people. Zhongyixuan said that he would control his emotions in the future, and would also try to adjust his mentality to meet everyone with a better face.

Zhongyixuan also published an outpatient medical record in Beijing Anding Hospital, which clearly shows that zhongyixuan is suffering from severe depression. However, many netizens don’t seem to like him very much. The reason is that Zhong Yixuan had been raped as a man before. Zhongyixuan once packaged himself as a affectionate man. He sang his own songs when he participated in tomorrow’s son, and said that he would sing them to the girls he secretly loved.

Zhongyixuan is exposed to sleep as a female assistant

Everyone thought zhongyixuan was a very simple boy, but later his ex girlfriend broke the news. The girl complained that she used to be zhongyixuan’s assistant. After that, zhongyixuan began to pursue her. The two people began to associate after falling in love with each other for a long time. However, zhongyixuan made a request to the woman from the very beginning that their relationship should not be disclosed to anyone. As a result, after dating for a period of time, zhongyixuan became tired of girls, and then began to use cold violence to force the other party to break up. Even in the end, she deleted all kinds of contact information of the woman and disappeared, so the girl would come out to reveal Zhong Yixuan.

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