Wu Gang’s attack on GUI: one of the ancient Chinese myths and legends, “nishang song” is related to it

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Wu Gang’s cutting of GUI is one of the ancient Chinese myths and legends. According to legend, Wu Gang was punished by the emperor of heaven to cut down osmanthus trees in the Moon Palace, but the osmanthus trees were cut as soon as possible. The emperor of heaven regarded this endless labor as a punishment for Wu Gang. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Legend one

It is said that Wu Gang’s wife had an affair with Boling, the grandson of the Yan Emperor. Wu Gang killed Boling in anger, which angered the Sun God Yan Emperor and was sent to the moon to cut down the immortal tree. However, the laurel tree is cut together. Every time Wu Gang cuts an axe, the branches and leaves cut by the axe will grow back to the tree. After so long, Wu Gang still failed to cut down the laurel tree. Wu Gang’s wife felt guilty and ordered her three sons to fly to the moon as toads, rabbits and snakes to accompany Wu Gang. In order to help his father cut down the cinnamon tree as soon as possible, the jade rabbit kept pounding the cut branches and leaves.

According to the book of mountains and seas, the book of internal affairs, Bo Ling, the grandson of the Yan Emperor, and Bo Ling, the wife of Wu Quan, were married by a woman who was pregnant for three years. They were born with a drum, an extension, and a mouth. The beginning is Hou, the drum and the extension are the beginning, the bell and the wind of music.


Shanhaijing said Wu Quan, but later generations mistakenly named Wu Gangguan “Wu Quan”.

Legend II

Wu Gang, also known as Wu Quan, is from Xihe. Sun Boling, the son of the Yan Emperor, took advantage of Wu Gang’s three years away from home to learn immortality, had an affair with Wu Gang’s wife, and gave birth to three children. Wu Gang killed Boling in a rage, so he angered the Sun God Yan Emperor, sent Wu Gang to the moon, and ordered him to cut down the immortal tree laurel. The laurel is as high as 500 feet, and it is combined with cutting. Emperor Yan used this endless labor to punish Wu Gang.

Wu Gang’s wife also felt guilty about her husband’s experience and ordered her three sons to fly to the moon to accompany Wu Gang. One became a “toad”, one a “rabbit”, and one a snake. See the classic of mountains and seas.

Legend III

Wu Gang of Nantianmen is very close to Chang’e in the moon, but he often hangs out to meet Chang’e and neglects his duties. After the Jade Emperor knew it, he was angry and punished Wu Gang for cutting a big tree called laurel in the moon. If Wu Gang did not cut down the laurel tree, he would not be able to return to the South Gate of heaven or meet Chang’e.

Wu Gang cut, cut, cut for half a year from winter to summer. Seeing that the tree was about to be cut down, the Jade Emperor sent crows to the laurel tree; Shua " With a cry, he took Wu Gang’s coat from the tree. Wu Gang immediately put down his axe and went after the crow. After the clothes were recovered, Wu Gang returned to the tree and saw that all the branches and leaves that had been cut off had been regenerated to the tree. So, from then on, whenever Wu Gang was about to cut all the branches and leaves of the cinnamon tree, the crow stood on the tree and shouted, “Whoa!” as long as Wu Gang stopped his axe and looked at it, the tree would grow branches and leaves again.

In this way, year after year, Wu Gang always cut down the laurel tree. Only on August 16 every year, a leaf falls from the moon to the ground. The gold leaf will float to whoever is the most industrious, and there will be endless wealth in that family.

Legend 4

Fairy Tales

Wu Gang cut osmanthus and brewed osmanthus wine, the best wine in the world.

Wu Gang has been cutting trees every day. Thousands of years have passed, and the magical osmanthus tree is still as old and vibrant. Every Mid Autumn Festival, its fragrance overflows. Wu Gang knew that there was no cinnamon tree in the world, so he was ready to spread the seeds of cinnamon tree to the world.

Historical legends

Later, Emperor Ming of the Tang dynasty recorded these songs when he roamed the Moon Palace, returned to the world, and created “nishang song”. It is said that when Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty roamed the Moon Palace, Wu Gang also received him! It was just that his face was tired at that time, and his axe was covered with black rust, and his shabby sleeves were torn because no one had sewn them.

Legend five

It is said that a long time ago, there was a plague in Xianning, and almost one third of the people died People use all kinds of folk recipes without any effect At the foot of guabang mountain, there is a brave, loyal and filial young man named Wu Gang. His mother is also ill and bedridden. The young man goes up the mountain to collect medicine to save his mother every day. One day, Kwan Yin returned from his eastward journey and was rushing back to the West for the Mid Autumn Festival. On that day, he passed by and saw the young man picking herbs on the cliff. He was deeply moved. In the evening, I entrusted him with a dream, saying that there was a kind of tree called sweet clover, also called osmanthus, in the Moon Palace, with a kind of small golden flowers. Drinking it in water can cure this plague; From guibang mountain to August 15, there is a ladder to the Moon Palace.

This evening is August 12, and there are three days left for the Mid Autumn Festival on August 15. It takes seven deep streams and seven cliffs to reach the top of guabang mountain. It takes at least seven days and seven nights, but time waits for no one. After August 15, Osmanthus fragrans missed its annual flowering period and has to wait another year. To make a long story short, Wu Gang finally climbed the top of guibang mountain on the evening of August 15 and caught up with the ladder leading to the Moon Palace. August is the season of osmanthus fragrance, and the fragrance of heaven is floating outside.


Wu Gang followed the aroma to the osmanthus tree. Looking at the golden osmanthus flowers and seeing things outside this day, he was so happy that he desperately picked them. He always wanted to pick more and go back to save his mother and villagers. But he couldn’t hold too much, so he thought of a way. He shook the sweet scented osmanthus tree and let the sweet scented osmanthus fall one after another, falling into the river at the foot of guabang mountain. Suddenly, the river smelled fragrant, and the river was dyed golden yellow People drank the river water, and the disease was all cured, so people said, this is not a river, this is clearly a river’s life-saving water that is more expensive than gold, so people named the river Jinshui. Later, three points of water were added next to the golden word, which was named “Gan (g à n) River”. That night, it was the 15th National Congress of the gods in the heavenly palace in August, at which they would also enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes.

At this time, the fragrance of Osmanthus rushed into the sky, alerting the immortals, so they sent envoys to investigate. When the officer came to the Moon Palace, he saw that the osmanthus flowers on the Moon Palace God tree and the osmanthus flower tree, the treasure of the palace, were all gone, and all fell into the “Gan River” on earth, so he reported it to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor was furious. You know, the Jade Emperor likes to eat moon cakes made of Osmanthus fragrans best. There is no Osmanthus fragrans in a tree, so he can’t eat moon cakes, so he sent heavenly soldiers and generals to catch Wu Gang.

After Wu Gang caught him, he told the Jade Emperor exactly what happened that night. The Jade Emperor couldn’t say anything after listening. He admired the young man from the bottom of his heart. But Wu Gang, after all, violated the rules of heaven. If he was not punished, he could not establish the prestige of the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor asked Wu Gang what he wanted. Wu Gang said he wanted to bring the osmanthus tree to the world to save people from suffering. So the Jade Emperor thought of an idea, which could punish Wu Gang and agree to Wu Gang’s request. He said, as long as you cut down the osmanthus, you can take it.

So Wu Gang found a big axe to chop down the big tree quickly. Who knows, the Jade Emperor cast a spell, cutting a knife a long knife, so Wu Gang cut for thousands of years. Wu Gang saw that the trees could not be cut down, and he was homesick for his mother, so he dropped a osmanthus flower on guibang mountain every year on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival to express his homesickness. Year after year, the mountain of guibang is full of Osmanthus fragrans, and the villagers use it to make tea. There is no disaster in Xianning. Besides, there is a girl named Chang’e in Wu Gang’s village. She and Wu Gang are childhood sweethearts. They have no guess and fall in love.

Since Wu Gang went to the Moon Palace, she has been taking care of Wu Gang’s mother. Until the old man died. Wu Gang and Chang’e are separated by heaven and earth, and the love of acacia is increasing day by day. Wu Gang can’t cut down the osmanthus tree and can’t come back. Chang’e is also separated by heaven and earth, and can’t go to meet Wu Lang. Finally one day, the queen mother took her seven daughters to mingshuiquan at the foot of the guabang mountain to take a bath. Chang’e saw it, secretly took the seven fairy’s elixir of returning to heaven, took it home to eat, took her jade rabbit, and went to heaven to meet Wu Gang.

The seven fairies can’t return to heaven without the elixir. Only when her sisters come back to take a bath in three days can they go to heaven. You know, one day in the sky and one year on earth, in these three years, the seven fairies met Dong Yong, so there was the well-known moving story. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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