Wu Qianyu and shiboxiong travel together in Europe. Wu Qianyu will marry a rich family soon

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Many people know that Wu Qianyu is basically because of Lin Feng. Lin Feng has already married and had children, but Wu Qianyu is still single. However, Wu Qianyu is several years younger than Lin Feng, so there is no need to hurry to catch up with Lin Feng. When Wu Qianyu and Shi Boxiong traveled to Europe together, many netizens felt that Wu Qianyu could be married to Shi Boxiong. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Wu Qianyu and Shi Boxiong travel to Europe together

Wu Qianyu and Lin Feng dated for a long time, and finally broke up. After Wu Qianyu and Lin Feng broke up, they went out with their current boyfriend shiboxiong. Shi Boxiong has a very good family background and is a very famous rich third generation. At that time, many Hong Kong media were not optimistic about this relationship. They thought that Shi Boxiong might just play with Wu Qianyu. If they were tired of playing with Wu Qianyu, they would certainly get rid of Wu Qianyu. Hong Kong media all thought that Wu Qianyu could not climb Shi Boxiong’s family background.

As a result, the relationship between the two people has been very smooth. Shi Boxiong feels that he loves his girlfriend more and more. Recently, Wu Qianyu’s new play was broadcast. Shiboxiong also specially sent a large article to praise his girlfriend’s work, so that netizens can support Wu Qianyu’s new play. However, Netizens found that Shi Boxiong’s IP address was in Germany.

Wu Qianyu’s marriage to a rich family is just around the corner

Netizens found that the dynamic IP address sent by Wu Qianyu was also displayed in Germany. In addition, Shi Boxiong had a picture of a woman in the nine palace photos he had posted on his social platform two days ago. Although the female’s face was made into a cute bear mosaic, it can be inferred from her figure that it was Wu Qianyu himself. Wu Qianyu and Shi Boxiong’s current IP addresses are all in Germany. Presumably, they must be playing in Germany now. Shi Boxiong now dotes on Wu Qianyu so much that he believes that their feelings will surely blossom and bear fruit.

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