Wu Qihua’s ex-wife stayed in Sanya and sent a message to scold the hotel for its poor service attitude

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When Shi Yangzi and Wu Qihua got married, many netizens also roast’s exhalation. However, after Shi Yangzi and Wu Qihua divorced, their style changed greatly. Over the past few years, Shi Yangzi’s style has become very popular. I can’t imagine that her daughter is already very old. Wu Qihua’s ex-wife was staying in Sanya. Unexpectedly, Shi Yangzi even posted an article on the social platform, scolding the hotel for its poor service attitude. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Wu Qihua’s ex-wife stays in Sanya

Some time ago, many people went to Sanya to travel, and because of the summer vacation, many parents took their children to Sanya. Shi Yangzi took her daughter to Sanya to play. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic, Sanya was closed, and many tourists were stranded in Sanya. Shi Yangzi and her daughter were also detained. Shi Yangzi booked a luxurious sea view room in a hotel, which cost nearly 3000 yuan for one night.

This price is really very high. Such a high room fee should have provided very high-quality service, but their service angered Shi Yangzi. Shiyangzi roast hotel has no warmth and no service. The service staff in the hotel are cold and cold on their faces. I have to bear high room fees every day, and the result depends on the face of the service staff. The inaction of the hotel really disappoints me.

Shi Yangzi scolded the hotel for its poor service attitude

Many netizens also have a deep understanding of Shi Yangzi’s complaints. Maybe everyone has encountered such an unreliable hotel when traveling. Many netizens also scold this hotel in the comment area. The hotel probably didn’t expect to offend a famous person, causing its popularity to drop. At present, Shi Yangzi’s accusation against the hotel has been deleted. It seems that Shi Yangzi and the hotel have reached an agreement, and Shi Yangzi will delete it.

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