Wu Yifan was sentenced to 17 years, and his mother has given up appealing

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From the top stream of the entertainment industry to a prisoner, Wu Yifan has definitely become a unique existence of internal entertainment. Wu Yifan has been imprisoned for a long time, and everyone is very curious that Wu Yifan will eventually be sentenced to several years. According to the latest news, Wu Yifan was sentenced to 17 years’ imprisonment. Wu Yifan’s mother has now given up appealing and has accepted her life. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Wu Yifan was sentenced to 17 years

After Wu Yifan’s accident, his mother has been running around for the purpose of saving his son. Wu Yifan’s mother should also bear great responsibility for his fate today. Because Wu Yifan’s entertainment business is basically handled by his mother, who is his agent.

Wu Yifan’s mother will basically be around Wu Yifan, and she must know Wu Yifan’s bad living habits in private. As a result, as a mother, she did not stop Wu Yifan’s illegal behavior. Instead, it was all kinds of indulgence and shielding that made Wu Yifan dare to seduce underage girls, and finally turned herself from a big star in the entertainment industry into a prisoner despised by everyone.

Wu Yifan’s mother has abandoned the appeal

In fact, many lawyers have come out to analyze Wu Yifan’s case before, believing that Wu Yifan should be sentenced to 20 years. The recent news that Wu Yifan was sentenced to 17 years is also very consistent with the lawyers’ analysis, so this news is probably true. Moreover, an insider revealed that Wu Yifan’s mother has now given up running for her son and plans to return to Canada alone in a period of time. Although he has no son, Wu Yifan’s money is in his mother’s hands, so Wu Yifan’s mother should live well after returning to Canada. I wonder if Wu Yifan would hate his mother when he was in prison.

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