Wuhan, well done!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Yesterday afternoon, when I saw the news that leaders were inspecting Wuhan in the news, I was immediately refreshed.

Leaders are full of care for this beautiful city. This is the fifth inspection since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The arrival of the leader is the greatest concern and affirmation for this hot land and the heroic people here. In the news of Xinhua news agency, my eyes were wet when I saw the following paragraph:

Wuhan has done a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control, and its experience is worth summarizing. Practice has proved that the guidelines and policies for epidemic prevention and control set by the Party Central Committee are correct and effective and must be unswervingly adhered to.

At the beginning, Wuhan also suffered great misunderstandings and grievances. However, under the personal command of the leaders, the strong support of the people throughout the country, and the joint efforts of 40000 medical personnel assisting Hubei, the people of Wuhan not only resisted the attack of the virus, but also erected a monument to the city and wrote a great anti epidemic epic. The great banner of the anti epidemic spirit was flying high in the city.

Hubei and Wuhan have done a good job in epidemic prevention and control until today, which is the result of the joint efforts of all people under the leadership of the party and the state. The affirmation of leaders is the greatest encouragement to Hubei and Wuhan. Zhanhao is also very proud of living in this city and defending it!

Speaking of my feelings for Wuhan, I would like to say more.

After living in Wuhan for a decade or two, I didn’t have a very good impression of the city at first. It was big enough, chaotic enough, bumpy, noisy… At the beginning, I felt that it was a very chirpy city. The real establishment of systematic feelings for this city is a process of time passing and the sublimation of drastic changes. To sum up, there are basically two lines:

One is the long line, which has laid the foundation for my feelings for this city. In the past ten to twenty years, I watched her evolve from a big, dirty and chaotic town to a modern metropolis with green mountains, beautiful environment, complete infrastructure, rich educational and medical resources, profound history and humanities, which is very livable and suitable for development.

From the general impression of this city to the present, my heart is full of temperature, which is not only the development process of Wuhan, but also my own growth process. Youth and sweat, blood and monuments are melted by time, lengthened by years, and remembered by history.

In the past 20 years, the “digging all over the city” complained about everywhere has become the thumb of the streets – the heart of Wuhan people has become so broad and thick that people are moved from the heart!

One is the short line, which establishes Zhanhao’s infinite love for the city. It was the “war years” at the beginning of 2020. During the 76 days of “city closure”, Zhanhao almost slept at five or six in the morning, got up at about ten in the morning, and then turned the clock to five or six in the morning of the next day. In order to defend the city, the whole person was completely integrated into the fighting state of surviving with the city. In more than two months, Zhanhao has output 500000 words of original works and contributed 800million person times of reading.

The struggle and defense in that extraordinary period completely sublimated Zhanhao’s feelings for the city, and his heart also changed from the warmth of gradually identifying with the city to the sincerity of finally vowing to defend to the death. Now I recall some people and things I have experienced. My nose is still sour, and my eyes are red. I have boundless feelings.


In fact, after the closure of the city after the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the humanistic spirit and national feelings of the whole city of Wuhan have also been thoroughly sublimated under the experience of ice and fire! Wuhan hero city goes deep into the hearts of every Wuhan people, so they are more united and cohesive.

In the two years after the outbreak, the greatest feeling of living in Wuhan is peace of mind. If you have the opportunity to visit Wuhan, you can interview Wuhan citizens at will and ask them if they feel particularly at ease in the past two years.

Where does this reassurance come from? It comes from the implementation of the major policies of the CPC Central Committee and President Xi Jinping to the letter, the implementation of epidemic prevention, the people first and life first, the external defense input and internal defense rebound, the dynamic zeroing, the continuous adjustment of prevention and control measures according to time and situation, and the maximum protection of people’s life safety and health.

President Xi once again stressed during the investigation at the community grass-roots level that China has a large population base. If we carry out prevention and control policies such as “collective immunization” and “lying flat”, the consequences will be unimaginable. The implementation of the dynamic clearance policy was determined by the Party Central Committee in the light of the nature and purpose of the party and China’s national conditions. We would rather temporarily affect economic development than harm the lives and health of the people, especially the elderly and children. If we calculate the general ledger, our epidemic prevention measures are the most economical and effective. We have the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the important grass-roots foundation of the community. We have the ability and strength to implement the dynamic clearance policy until we win the final victory.

In the past two years, Wuhan has done a good job in epidemic prevention and control. Although it has encountered many concentrated epidemics, they have been quickly controlled. The fundamental reason is that Hubei and Wuhan have implemented epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the policies of the Party Central Committee. In addition, the experience of winning the anti epidemic war in early 2020 has made Wuhan one of the most livable and best developed cities in China.

Hubei and Wuhan have done well in epidemic prevention and economic development! In the first quarter of 2022, the economic growth rate of Hubei and Wuhan is in the leading position in Central China. In 2021, Wuhan will also be the city with the largest population increase in China, with a population growth of more than 1201200 a year.



Some people may say, why do everyone flock to Wuhan? Because Wuhan’s policy is really friendly!

Graduates under the age of 45 with a college degree or above can settle down directly. You don’t even need to buy a house. If you rent a house, you can directly settle in a public household in the community, and your children can directly follow you to the nearest school near the rented house. Master’s degree and doctor’s degree are even more relaxed, and there is no age limit… For cities with so many educational and medical resources and so many development opportunities, such good conditions are “rare in the world”! Frankly speaking, this is the tolerance of Wuhan. Open your arms and welcome all people who love her!

In the past, people may have the impression of Wuhan as a city of steel and cars, but now Wuhan has become a city of science and technology. One of the most important tasks of President Xi Jinping’s visit to Wuhan is to investigate the scientific and technological development of Wuhan.

During his inspection in Wuhan, President Xi stressed that self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology is the foundation of national prosperity and the key to security. We must fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, deeply implement the innovation driven development strategy, firmly hold the lifeline of science and technology in our own hands, make greater progress in self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, constantly improve the independence, autonomy and security of China’s development, promote more new technologies and industries, open up new fields and new tracks for economic development, and form new advantages in international competition.

In fact, in recent years, Wuhan is accelerating the building of a national scientific and technological innovation highland, accelerating the construction of the Optics Valley Science and innovation corridor with the East Lake Science City as the core area, and accelerating the construction of Wuhan’s scientific and technological innovation center with national influence. The city of science and technology is the development direction of Wuhan in the future.

In addition, after the outbreak in 2020, Wuhan has made significant progress in grass-roots governance. For example, Wuhan has made major breakthroughs in community governance, management, mobilization and service. Not to mention now, even during the epidemic period in 2020, Wuhan’s community services can be rapidly adjusted and upgraded. By means of wechat group, wechat neighborhood applet, timely update of epidemic prevention information at the entrance, timely coordination of errands for residents by community service personnel, community group purchase, grid management and so on, the leaders’ instructions can be implemented at the grass-roots level at the first time during the anti epidemic period in 2020.


After observing all over the country in the past two years, Zhanhao believes that Wuhan must be one of the cities with the best community governance in China. According to the survey of friends in some first tier cities, they are far inferior to Wuhan’s community services.

During his visit to Wuhan, President Xi also made an in-depth investigation and investigation on the grass-roots governance in Wuhan. He watched while walking in the community and affirmed the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as community convenient nucleic acid sampling. President Xi stressed that the community has played a very important role in the fight against the epidemic, whether it is emergency prevention and control or normalized prevention and control. In general, it depends on early detection and quick disposal, on the unity of the people, and on the important foundation of the community.

With the encouragement of the chairman, I believe that Wuhan’s community governance will continue to make progress, and Wuhan’s grass-roots governance will continue to lead the country in the future. In fact, it is far ahead now.

Wuhan is a heroic city, the people here are heroic people, and this city is bursting out with great vitality and opportunities!

Well done in Wuhan! Welcome to Wuhan! Please come to Wuhan for a visit, and welcome to settle down and develop! This is a large city with many livable development opportunities! Anyway, it’s worth visiting here!

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