Talk about the female corpse monster in Gujing

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The story takes place in a remote mountain village. But before speaking, Anan still has to say this sentence: This is a scary story, if you have a bad heart, don’t read it.??

Anniu and Wang San live together in this village and go to work together in the fields every day. They are not neighbors, but their fields are next to each other. So they got acquainted and became friends.??
Wang San is single, and Anniu’s sons have been weaned. How could it be said that A Niu was much older than Wang San, so Wang San called him “Brother Niu” and A Niu called him “Three Sons”.??
. . . .
today. The two were busy until dusk, and came to Tianxi to wash their hands and drink water.??
Wang San said, “Brother Niu! I heard that the dry well on the edge of the ridge in Dongtian has died before.”
“Oh? I’ve never heard of this before.”
“Let’s go! Let’s take a look.”
“What are you looking at! What are dead people looking at?”
“No! I heard that a rich man lived here a long time ago. A maid from his family fell into that well!”
“Oh? It’s miserable!”
“Let’s go! Let’s take a look.”
“It’s better not to go, it’s quite disturbing. I’m still going home, my wife and baby are still waiting for me!” (Aniu was a little scared.)
“Hey! Brother Niu, why are you so timid? If you are idle, you will be idle. You won’t lose a piece of meat if you go to see it.”
“Who… Who said I was timid. Let’s go! Let’s go.” (A Niu heard Wang San say that he was timid, and immediately shouted to go.)
. . . .
This is a well that has been deserted for many years. The grass is overgrown around the knees, and no one has come to clean it, so it is very desolate.
Wang San and A Niu climbed at the mouth of the well and looked into the well… There was so much darkness that they couldn’t see to the end.??
“I said Sanzi, you bluff me. What kind of bird shit is this broken well?” Ah Niu laughed at Wang San.??
“It’s true, I heard from my neighbor, Old Man Du. He said that the rich man’s maid was careless at work and broke a few dishes. Guess what?” Wang San deliberately tried to whet his appetite.??
“What?” A Niu’s eyes widened.??
“It’s miserable! That maid was tied up by the rich owner, and even got a big bald head and chopped off her hands and feet. Two big stones were tied to her body, her feet were up, her head was down… Yes! That’s it, I threw it into this well. “Wang Sanbi slapped and spittled as he spoke to Ah Niu.

A Niu widened his eyes in horror and kept looking behind Wang San. “Oh my god——” With a sound, he even threw away the hoe in his hand and turned around and ran to the village desperately.??
Wang San was stunned, watching Anniu run away. After being stunned for a while, he finally came to his senses: “Ahahahaha… a bastard, bunny legs. Hahahaha, I’m dying of laughter.” Wang San laughed to himself, he didn’t expect Ah Niu to be so timid. After laughing for a long time, he picked up the hoe left by A Niu and walked towards his house with two hoes on his back. I thought to myself: I must tell this joke to everyone tomorrow morning. . . . .
. . . .
The next morning.??
“It’s not good, it’s not good. It’s dead! It’s fatal…” An old man with sparse hair and scruffy clothes shouted while running in the village, waking many people from their good dreams.??
“Old man Du, you called a ball early in the morning” someone asked.??
“What’s wrong? Who died?” Someone asked.??
“He!” “Who?” “Wang San!”
“Ah! It’s really dead?” “It’s hard! My mother, it scared me to death.”
. . .
. . . .
The men in the village walked out of the house in unison and flocked to Wang Sanjia.??
Wang San reclined in the middle of the room. The body was in the shape of a ‘big’ shape, and the eyes were sharp, and many women and children who were so scared that they couldn’t rest their eyes, shouted “Wow…”. It seemed that Wang San was frightened to death, and the people in the village were very puzzled. Wang San is well-known in the village for being daring. In the past, he dared to pass the cemetery alone at night. Who is so capable to scare him to death?
“It must be the female ghost! The third son was scared to death by the ghost!” Anniu, who was hiding behind the crowd, told everyone.??
Then he talked aside the matter of going to the dry well with Wang San in the evening yesterday. He also told something that made everyone’s heart tremble. It was at that time when Wang San was telling Ah Niu that the rich man shaved the maid to be bald and chopped off her hands and feet into the well, when Ah Niu saw a bald woman behind Wang San, raised her wrists and cut off her hands, licking blood from the corners of her mouth. Weird smile to himself. . .
. . . .
“Come on, Aniu, don’t scare us, maybe you’re dazzled!” Someone dared to pay him back.??
“No! What Anniu is telling the truth, I saw it last night!” Old Man Du said.

“Last night, I was lying on the bed and slept in Zhengxiang, and I was woken up by a movement. Guess what? I heard someone throw a plate. It was a woman. Still counting: one, two, three… Counting the falling miles! Counting one falling and one falling. I was annoyed, so I put on my clothes and pushed the door out to find someone. But when I opened the door, I saw a white shadow drifting past… Yes, it was in the third courtyard of the Piaowang. There was no movement, I thought that I was confused, the messenger, and I read it wrong! I didn’t think so, I came to see Wang San this morning, and wanted to tell him what happened last night, but as soon as I entered the door, I looked at Wang San Lying on the ground, my mother scared me to death……”

Old Man Du finished his speech in a wordy way. Immediately, everyone present, men, women and children, felt chills down their spines and goosebumps. Looking at the unrepentant Wang San on the ground, he was trembling all over in fear.??
Because many people in the village have heard the story of this ghost from the dry well from the older generation. But no one ever believed it to be true.??
. . . .
A long time ago, there was indeed such a wealthy compound in this village. The owner of the house is a rich man who has a lot of troubles, curtsies with the government and bullies the people.??
and brutal. There was a maid in the mansion who just accidentally broke a few plates, so he ordered her to be hanged and beaten, and cruelly chopped off her hands and feet and shaved her hair. . . Torture this maid alive to death. In order to cover up the murder, the rich man threw the body into the well overnight. The well was originally clear, but since the woman fell into it. Immediately became cloudy, and soon withered and deserted.
Since then, people in the rich man’s house have often heard the voice of a woman counting dishes at night. Not long after that, I heard a shattering sound of “crack–” and then the woman’s heart-wrenching cry came: “Master, forgive me this time, I didn’t mean it… I really didn’t mean it…” Then later It was a shrill, creepy wail, and a shrill laugh. . . Later, many servants can even see a bald woman sitting by the well, staring at you with malicious eyes. . .
Soon the wealthy family declined, and the rich man died tragically. It is said that when he died, his eyes burst out, his hands and feet were cut off, and his hair was shaved. . .
After Ruogan, everything has become the past of history, but this ancient well has survived.

After the incident, Anniu buried Wang San with his own hands. It’s a little bit of love between friends.??
The villagers built a temple not far from the ancient well. He specially invited monk Chao to cross the dead soul in this well from far away, and finally sealed the well.??
Although it has been many years, it still makes people shudder every time someone mentions it.

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