Xiang Zuo is exposed to cheating on a date. Xiang Tai denies talking about business cooperation

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Xiang Xiangtai got to know Guo biting because he participated in the reality show. Later, Xiang Xiangtai married Guo biting. Many people also feel that it is Xiang Tai’s credit and Xiang Xiangtai’s matchmaking to Guo biting. Xiang Zuo was exposed to cheating on a beautiful woman. As a party, Xiang Zuo didn’t respond. Instead, his mother explained to Tai that the two sides were talking about business cooperation at that time. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xiang Zuo is exposed to cheating on a beautiful woman

The news of Guo biting having a second child has just come out. Xiang Tai was also very happy in front of the media, saying that she would choose a auspicious day to open the child. As a result, the media recently revealed that Xiang Zuo took a beautiful woman from the banquet home for a date after having a dinner with a group of friends, and it was Xiang Zuo Guo biting’s wedding room in Beijing. In the video released by the media, Xiang Zuo lovingly put on a coat for the beauty of his peers, and then hugged the beauty into his home.

After the news broke out, the media also called Zuo guobiting’s staff to ask about the matter, but both sides were silent. Only Xiang Tai replied that the girl was a big sister of Xiang Zuo and would usually help Xiang Zuo talk about some business cooperation. This time, the two met for the work of Xiang Zuoxin film. The media who complained to taihuan roast was talking nonsense and felt wronged for his son.

Xiang Tai denies that Xiang Zuo cheated

However, many gourd eaters seem to think this gossip is true, because everyone didn’t think how much Xiang Zuo liked Guo biting from the beginning. Xiang Zuo had talked about his girlfriend before, so he broke up because Xiang was too opposed. Later, he married Guo biting because Xiang Taiji matched him up. Since Xiang Zuo doesn’t like Guo biting so much, the possibility of cheating after marriage is naturally very high. However, netizens all roast out a piece to Zuo Shibao’s mother. Even if he has a thief’s heart of cheating, he has no courage to divorce.

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