Xiang Zuo’s chat with a beautiful woman revealed that he once asked each other to meet in Shanghai

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A paparazzi exposed the video of Xiang Zuo bringing a beautiful woman back to his wedding room with Guo biting. Then Xiang Zuo’s mother Xiang Taiji came out and denied it, saying that the woman met Xiang Zuo for the purpose of talking about cooperation in film, saying that the other party was a very good big sister. As a result, I didn’t expect to be beaten in the face soon. Xiang Zuo’s chat records with beautiful women were exposed. Xiang Zuo had previously asked the woman to meet in Shanghai. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xiang Zuo’s chat with beautiful women was exposed

Some netizens released a screenshot of their wechat chat with Xiang Zuo. From the screenshot, Xiang Zuo had previously invited girls to Shanghai to meet. The girl secretly complained with her friends that Xiang Zuo was married and had children, and she didn’t want to play with Xiang Zuo anymore. And the woman also showed a screenshot of a video chat with Xiang Zuo. In the screenshot, Xiang Zuo was dressed casually and looked plain.

The woman wears very hot and sexy clothes, revealing her career line and painting very delicate makeup. At first glance, it is the kind that is particularly provocative to men. However, no matter how exquisite this beauty is, her appearance must be incomparable with Guo biting. But the flowers of Naihe family don’t have the fragrance of wild flowers. Although Guo biting is the beautiful fairy’s wife, Xiang Zuo is still flirting with other women outside. Did Deng Chao make a mistake that men all over the world would make? So you can’t control your lower body?

Xiang Zuo once asked beautiful women to meet in Shanghai

In fact, before being with Guo biting, there were many rumors on the Internet that Xiang Zuo’s love life was very messy. Judging from the current situation, Xiang Zuo should have an affair with many girls in private, and even had an appointment. Now many netizens are beginning to feel sorry for Guo biting. After all, Guo biting has just given birth to a second child and should still be in confinement. Seeing this news, Guo biting must be very sad. I don’t understand why Xiang Zuo failed Guo biting. He was too speechless.

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