Xiang Zuo’s video female net hit her face. Hu Jing has played for only 30 years

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Xiang Zuo was previously exposed with a video of Guo biting’s wedding room, and then Xiang Tai came out to deny it. As a result, I didn’t expect that the chat screenshot of Xiang Zuo and a female Internet celebrity was immediately exposed, which confirmed the fact that Xiang Zuo cheated. Xiang Zuo hit Hu Jing in the face, and the female online celebrity also claimed to have acted in a popular TV series. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xiang Zuo video female netizens hit Hu Jing

Xiang Zuo was exposed to chat with a beautiful woman. In the screenshot, there was even a self timer video of Xiang Zuo. The chat content also revealed that the relationship between the two was not general. Xiang Tai naturally denied this and said that he would find a lawyer to deal with this matter, but he has not seen any legal news from Xiang Tai at present. Netizens were also particularly curious about the real identity of the beauty, and soon found out that it was a girl named Xiao Hu Jing.

The online celebrity is indeed somewhat similar to Hu Jing, but it can only be said that it is a low configuration version of Hu Jing, and the traces of cosmetic surgery are still very obvious. The female online celebrity claims to be over 170 tall and often uploads some sexy pictures or videos of herself on the Internet, so many netizens also spit out that being a female online celebrity is simply a peripheral woman.

Xiang Zuo, a female Internet celebrity, has acted for only 30 years

Finally, netizens also revealed that when Taiwan media Ge Siqi broke the news about Wang Xiaofei, the female online celebrity even went to ge Siqi’s social platform to leave a message. She appreciated Ge Siqi’s sincerity very much and wanted to share Xiang Zuo’s information with him if she was free. So now many netizens speculate that the female online celebrity took the initiative to report her and Xiang Zuo’s materials, just want to be angry. Later, the female online celebrity also issued a document, denying that she had actively hyped it, saying that she had also been sold by her girlfriends. She was really cheap and obedient, and even threw the pot to her girlfriends when she gained popularity.

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