XiangLiu and jiuying are all nine heads and one body. Are they the same species?

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XiangLiu and jiuying are all nine heads and one body. Are they the same species? This is a problem that many readers are concerned about. Next, China story net will work with you to learn about it and give you a reference.

First of all, XiangLiu is a ferocious God, and jiuying is a strange beast.


It can be seen from the two titles of “God” and “beast” that the identities of these two important figures in ancient myths are very different. After all, heaven and earth are divided into six worlds: the divine world, the human world, the demon world, the underworld, the demon world and the animal world.

It is obvious that God is the first and the beast is the tail. Even though the nine babies can spray water and fire in terms of skills, they can’t overcome the great difference in identity after all.

To put it bluntly, the Hukou decides the fate. Xiang Liu’s Hukou is in the heaven, while Jiu Ying’s Hukou is in the animal world. According to the records, Xiang Liu’s nine heads are human heads. Although they look blue and ugly, they are also human heads. However, the nine heads of Jiu Ying are different. They are nine fake animal heads.

There is a paragraph in the northern classic of the great wilderness: “the gonggongchen was named Xiangyao. The nine heads of snakes and their bodies were linked by themselves and ate in the nine soil. The Sunni he had was the source of the water. It was not bitter but bitter. No animal could get anywhere. Yu annihilated the flood and killed Xiangyao. His blood smelled and he could not make a valley. His land was full of water and could not be inhabited. Yu annihilated it. Three mountains and three Ju were the pool, and the emperors were the platform. It was in the north of Kunlun.”

It is said that Xiang Liu is a subordinate of the God of water. His original name is Xiang Yao. He has nine heads and a snake body. He can eat at nine mountains at the same time and vomit while eating. This lifestyle is a little difficult to accept.

What Xiang Liu spits out is venom, which is not only spicy but also bitter. It gathers together to form a bitter and smelly swamp. Not to mention how toxic the venom is, smell alone can kill passing birds and animals. It can be said that there is no life left for tens of miles.

Since Xiang Liu was a subordinate of the God of water, he naturally belonged to the water system. Dayu worked hard for him when he was ordered to control the water. Finally, Xiang Liu was killed by Dayu. His blood smelled very bad. Where he passed through, there was no grass on the land, let alone hope that he could continue to grow food.

After Dayu killed XiangLiu, a huge poison marsh was formed. Dayu failed to fill the marsh three times, and finally had to give up. He opened up a clean large pool and built palaces and pavilions for the heavenly emperors at the pool, which was called the platform of the world.


Besides, there is no record of the nine infant animals in the book of mountains and seas. We can only infer its image from the records in the book of Huainan Zi Ben Jing Xun.

The nine babies in the book look like this. They say that he is a monster of water and fire. He can not only spray water but also spray fire. He has a body but has nine heads. Each head can make a baby cry. Young master thinks this is probably why he is called nine babies.

In ancient Chinese myths and legends, it is mentioned that there is a big river called fierce water in the north. There is a monster, nine babies, living in the river. At that time, there were ten suns in the sky. One day, ten suns appeared in the sky, and the river was boiling. Nine babies were too hot to jump out of the river, and then they would eat when they saw people. They had to eat with snacks, He asked people to eat nine kinds of food as offerings.

This kind of abominable behavior soon aroused the hatred of mankind. At that time, there was a very powerful man named Dayi in the human race, that is, Hou Yi who shot nine suns in the legend.

When Dayi heard that there were fierce animals doing mischief, he picked up the Magic Arrow and went to fight nine babies. It is conceivable that Hou Yi eventually fired nine arrows. Each arrow hit nine babies’ head and directly killed them.

To say that the nine babies and Xiang Liu are both nine headed snakes, the biggest difference in identity is that one has a system and the other has no system. In the final analysis, the nine babies most like to eat people, while Xiang Liu prefers to eat soil. Obviously, one is a meat eater and the other is a vegetarian.

According to the time line, Xiang Liu appeared earlier than Jiu Ying, and they were neither connected nor met, but they were similar in appearance. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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