Xiangya Second Hospital “black heart doctor” incident should be investigated as soon as possible and severely punished according to law!

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Author: Mingshu source: official account: Mingshu Zatan wechat ID: laomingdashu

1) Recently, many people on Weibo revealed that Liu Xiangfeng, deputy director of the trauma center of Xiangya Second Hospital of Central South University, had various illegal and illegal behaviors, including giving high-value treatment to patients who had no surgical indications, cutting off normal intestinal tubes for their families when they could not find the intestinal obstruction segment, and treating them as tumors whether or not… If these behaviors are verified, they have broken the bottom line of a doctor’s professional ethics, And may be suspected of serious violations.

2) Xiangya No. 2 hospital has conducted a preliminary investigation on this matter, and found that Liu Xiangfeng had medical irregularities, and has made a punishment of dismissal, suspension of his prescription and operation authority, pending further investigation. After that, Hunan Provincial Health Commission and Central South University set up an investigation team to investigate the matter. For this incident, netizens generally expect that the relevant parties should conduct in-depth investigation and restore the truth. They should never think of “making a big matter smaller and a small matter smaller”. The punishment finally given based on the investigation should also be made according to the law and regulations, instead of “three cups of self punishment”.

3) It is reported on the Internet that Liu Xiangfeng’s various “black doctor” behaviors are no longer simple problems of excessive medical treatment and defrauding the victim’s money, but direct accusations that he is suspected of “murder for money”. The Liu Xiangfeng incident has impacted the common sense understanding of the doctor-patient relationship in the Chinese society. It has not only blackened the Xiangya Second Hospital, but also blackened the doctors in China. According to the existing report content, this is not only a simple medical ethics incident, but also a very serious legal incident.

4) The investigation conducted by Hunan Provincial Health Commission and Central South University should be timely, sufficient and accurate, and the investigation results should stand the test of facts, popular support and history. For such a major sensitive event of national concern, the relevant investigation process and results can be considered to release information in a rolling manner and communicate with the public in a timely manner. The investigation team should publish the telephone number and email address of the report, receive the report materials, and avoid any omission in the investigation.

5) In addition to investigating Liu Xiangfeng himself, the investigation team should also investigate why Liu Xiangfeng has “been reported and promoted continuously” over the years according to the reports of the public? Are there any more corrupt elements behind Liu Xiangfeng? Is there an umbrella? I also need to find out.

6) Liu Xiangfeng’s “black doctor” behavior has not been handled for a long time. What responsibility should Xiangya Second Hospital bear? Is Liu Xiangfeng’s “black doctor” behavior his personal behavior or the unit behavior of Xiangya Second Hospital? This problem should also be investigated.

7) For such a major and sensitive incident of concern to the whole society, if it involves illegal crimes, can the judicial organs of Hunan Province consider intervening in advance, collecting and verifying evidence, and participating in the investigation according to law and regulations? Netizens are very concerned about whether Liu Xiangfeng’s “black doctor” behavior exists and how the investigation team determines the nature. This is an important criterion for us to judge whether the relevant investigation is realistic and credible.

8) In China, the doctor-patient relationship was once a sensitive issue. In recent years, with the legalization and standardization of the medical industry, the doctor-patient relationship has been greatly improved compared with the past. In particular, during the epidemic period, medical and health personnel across the country rushed to the front line and made selfless contributions to the lives and health of the people. We should cherish the excellent situation of the continuous improvement of doctor-patient relations in Chinese society, and we must not bury this excellent situation because of some “black doctors” like Liu Xiangfeng. In the final analysis, a good doctor-patient relationship is a part of China’s harmonious society.

9) No matter how bad Liu Xiangfeng’s “black doctor” behavior is reported on the Internet, the punishment of Liu Xiangfeng must be based on the comprehensive and full investigation of him, and must be made according to the facts found in the investigation and in accordance with the law. If there is any inaccuracy in the content transmitted through the network, the investigation team shall make dynamic and timely clarification, and cannot allow the network information to fly everywhere. If the information transmitted through the Internet is true, the investigation team shall introduce relevant judicial personnel in a timely manner and will not tolerate it. In the end, the treatment results should not only be convincing to all parties, but also be publicized in the medical industry, so as to draw inferences from one instance and prevent similar problems from happening again in the whole industry.

10) With regard to Liu Xiangfeng’s “black doctor” incident, the relevant parties must not take a chance, let alone be careless. In the Internet age, netizens will look at how the party and the government treat the complaints of the people through similar major public opinions. They will even judge whether the socialist system with Chinese characteristics has a good ability to discover and correct errors through whether this matter has been handled according to law and regulations. A little makes a lot. What will ultimately affect the people’s understanding and trust in the party and the government. Therefore, every handling of similar major public opinion has certain “political attribute” and “overall attribute”, which is a test of the governance ability of a unit, a place and a field. If you do it well, it’s good. If you don’t do well, you’ll have a bad time.

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