Xiao Qiao and Zhou Yu are congenial? Zhou Yu was a prisoner of war and was deprived of Liberty

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According to records in the annals of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu, who was only 14 or 15 years old, invited sun CE and his family to live in Shu County, and gave sun Juju a large house on the roadside to live in. Historians’ analysis of this: Zhou Yu and sun CE met in Cao Mang, fell in love at first sight, and their righteousness was the same. But can a 14-year-old or 15-year-old child decide to accept an unrelated family and give a big house to others? Besides, why did Sun Jian, the military magnate of Jianghuai, agree to let his family live in a strange family?

What force sent Zhou Yu to the sun family?


Dumu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote: “the east wind does not go with Zhou Lang, and the Tongque spring locks the two Qiao.” Su Shi, a poet of the Song Dynasty, wrote: “when Gong Jin was young, Xiao Qiao married.” Contemporary big directors prefer to use the love scenes of Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao to win the box office. However, in fact, Xiao Qiao is just a female prisoner of war of Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu captured her home, deprived her of her freedom, and probably destroyed her first love.

When Zhou Yu held Xiao Qiao in her arms, did she ask if she was willing?


The fierce battle in Chibi is imminent. Zhou Yu analyzed that Cao Cao’s soldiers committed several military taboos when they came out of Dongwu. But how could Cao Cao, who fought countless battles, not know the great taboo of military strategists that Zhou Yu also knew? Cao Cao said that there were 800000 troops. Zhou Yu asked Sun Quan for 50000 troops to resist, but Sun Quan finally gave him only 30000 troops. Why did Sun Quan take such an attitude in the face of life and death? Where did Zhou Yu’s courage come from when he attacked Cao Cao’s 800000 troops with 30000 people?

“Everything is ready, only Dongfeng is owed.” does Zhou Yu really entrust Dongfeng with the hope of victory?

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