Xiao Shushen: cancer has recurred, and cancer cells have metastasized to the liver

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When Xiao Shushen was young, she was also a goddess admired by many otaku men. At that time, Xiao Shushen was really beautiful. In the end, she ruined her acting career because of drug abuse. Recently, Taiwan media reported that Xiao Shushen’s cancer had relapsed, and even these cancer cells had transferred to Xiao Shushen’s liver. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Xiao Shushen: cancer recurrence

As early as 2020, Xiao Shushen announced to the public that she had suffered from rare duodenal cancer. However, at that time, Xiao Shushen had already had an operation and was recovering well. Only then did she make it public. In order to survive, Xiao Shushen also cut off one-third of her duodenum, stomach and pancreas. At last, at the doctor’s suggestion, Xiao Shushen had all her bladder and duct removed to prevent the recurrence of her disease.

However, even though Xiao Shushen had such a thorough operation, he did not expect that in less than two years, Xiao Shushen’s cancer would recur. Xiao Shushen told the Taiwan media that after his cancer relapsed, he became more serious than the last time, and even the cancer cells in his body had transferred to the liver. Xiao Shushen was very helpless about this situation, but there was no way. Xiao Shushen still had to face the reality.

Xiao Shushen: cancer cells have metastasized to the liver

Perhaps because of her last experience, Xiao Shushen has calmed down a lot this time. Xiao Shushen married an outsider boyfriend 14 years younger than herself in 2017. The two have been married for almost five years now. Xiao Shushen had been planning to have children with her husband before, but because of her cancer, she had to postpone her plan to have children. Next, Xiao Shushen will have a second operation. I also hope that Xiao Shushen can have a successful operation and pass the crisis safely.

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