Xiaolisu takes the male star home for the night and sleeps in the same bed with his wife Yamada

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A large-scale KTV photos were exposed some time ago, and many netizens angrily denounced the chaos of Xiao Lixun’s private life. But in fact, fans who pay attention to Xiao Lizhi probably know that he is very open in private. Xiao Lisu took the male star home for the night, and even slept in the same bed with his wife Yamada Yoshiya. This is still full of destruction. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xiao Lisu takes the male star home for the night

Japanese actor Jisheng Okada broke the news in a program before, saying that he was forced to stay at home for the night by Hirohito. As a result, he slept in the same bed with Hirohito and his wife in a Sichuan shape. Okada also said that in the morning, Hiroshi got up first and went to work, leaving only him and Hiroshi Yamada’s wife in bed. In order to break the embarrassment, Okada told Yamada that he wanted to eat breakfast.

Many netizens were very speechless after reading Okada’s description. It’s hard to imagine that scene. An adult man and a married woman are sleeping in the same bed and begging for breakfast. It’s too weird. And everyone can’t understand what Xiao Lisu did, and can’t figure out why he did it. He feels that he doesn’t consider his wife Yamada’s idea at all. Some netizens even complained roast that seeing the scene described by Yoshihiko Okada, Yoshiko Yamada put a green hat on Hiroshi, and it is estimated that Hiroshi will not be angry.

Xiao Lizhi lives with a male star and his wife

Yamada Yoshito has completely quit the entertainment industry since he married toshiu Kobayashi, and is at home with his husband and children. Before marriage, the two people also dated for many years. I believe Yamada Yoshito is also very clear about Xiao Lisu’s private style. But Yamada still chose to marry xiaolisu. It can only be said that it’s not a family that doesn’t enter a family. Yamada must have accepted Hiroshi’s excessive behavior, and the two people will get married and have children, so there is no need for everyone to sympathize with Yamada.

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