Xiaolisun’s indecent photos are exposed, and netizens call him “hot eyes”

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Xiao Lisu is loved by everyone because he plays works such as hot blooded college, Jidao fresh master and pattern man. Now he is also a first-line male star in the Japanese entertainment circle. Xiaolisun’s indecent photos were exposed, and netizens shouted “hot eyes” after seeing the photos. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Exposure of unsightly photos of Hiroshi Kobayashi

The indecent photos of Xiao Lixun suddenly spread wildly on the Internet. In the photos, Xiao Lixun was singing with a microphone in his hand in the KTV box. Behind him was a beautiful woman with long hair and a white T-shirt in her hand. Beside the beauty in the photo, a man’s arm is also exposed. While Xiao lisui was basically naked, with only one pair of underpants on his body, but the underpants were also taken off and hung on one leg. The key position of Xiao lisui was mosaic.

What is more shocking is that there is a man’s hand, which is placed where xiaolishi was mosaic. From this picture, it is not difficult to guess how much xiaolishi indulged himself that day. This photo was exposed by the president of Japanese fashion brand tokuyi. Tokuyi broke the news that Ayano Gang’s private life was chaotic. Unexpectedly, Ayano Gang immediately came out to refute the rumor and accuse tokuyi. At this moment, dongguyi was so excited that he directly exposed the indecent photos of Ayano gang and the company’s artist Xiao Lisu.

Xiao Lisu’s eyes are hot

Dongguyi also disclosed that many artists in the circle are doing such things. In the face of the strong News revealed by dongguyi, Xiao Lisu and his company have chosen to remain silent. It is estimated that they have not made a good public relations response yet. Xiaolishu and his wife Yamada Yoshiya have always created a loving couple. Xiaolishu also often talks about her daughter to create the image of her good father. As a result, the exposure of such indecent photos was really a collapse of human design. However, some netizens worry that when xiaolishi just became famous, he heard the news that he was playing coffee.

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