Xiaotiantian said that her daughter was exposed by her husband PUA, and her husband urinated in the bathtub

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A little friend who likes to watch Taiwan variety shows should be very familiar with Xiaotiantian. She came with Taiwan variety show Kangxi and opened the mainland market. In recent years, Xiaotiantian got married and gave birth to children. She seems to have a very happy life. As a result, when she was on the program recently, Xiaotiantian said that her daughter was PUA by her husband, and also revealed that her husband often urinates in the bathtub. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xiaotiantian said that her daughter was PUA by her husband

Recently, when Xiaotiantian participated in a program, she vomited bitterness and complained about her husband. Xiaotiantian complains that her husband doesn’t like to take a bath and the sanitation is particularly poor. If Xiaotiantian’s husband takes a bath in the bathtub, he also likes to urinate in it, and sometimes even defecate, which eventually leads to Xiaotiantian suffering from gynecological inflammation, because Xiaotiantian often sits in the bathtub and takes a bath.

Xiaotiantian said that when she was pregnant, her husband also didn’t take care of her very much. She often threw Xiaotiantian aside and hid in the room alone and played video games. After her daughter was born, her husband often instilled all kinds of negative energy into her daughter, and sometimes even said some insulting and sarcastic words to her daughter, causing her daughter to cry constantly.

Xiaotiantian explodes her husband to urinate in the bathtub

Xiaotiantian also revealed that a week after she gave birth to her baby, the two divorced because of her husband’s various unreliable behaviors. Xiaotiantian had always been eager for marriage and had always dreamed that she would get married in a flash, so after falling in love with her current husband, she actively expressed her idea of marriage. And Xiaotiantian and her husband are also married. Originally, she thought her marriage was very happy. As a result, after watching Xiaotiantian’s disclosure in the program, many netizens shouted that she should divorce quickly. Being a single mother is happier than living with such a husband.

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