Xiaoxiong Jianfang

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Xiaoxiong Jianfang

Source: China children’s Literature Network Author: hufahui

A little bear lives in the forest and is going to build a house. Just do what you say, choose a good site, and bear begins to build. The little rabbit poked his head out of the hole and said in good words: when building a house, the foundation must be firm, or the sun and wind will blow, and the house will collapse easily. Little bear didn’t think much of it and said, “where is the wind?”? I just make the indoor construction comfortable, so I don’t need to waste too much energy on the foundation. The bear carried the tree trunk to build the wall. Xiaohu tried hard to persuade him for several times: it is best to build the wall with hard stones, otherwise the house will collapse easily. Little bear is careless: where is the rain? I just want the interior to be warm. I don’t need to waste too much time on the wall. The little bear brought hay for the roof. The eagle stood on the branch and warned earnestly: the roof hay should not be tiled. A slight inclination can drain rainwater. The little bear ignored it and said, “I can build the interior to my satisfaction. I don’t need to waste too much on the roof.”. When the house was built, little bear spent a lot of time decorating the house to be warm and beautiful. But the good times didn’t last long. A storm came, the rain penetrated into the house, and the strong wind blew down the house. Little bear stood in the wind and rain, regretting that he had not listened to everyone’s suggestions.

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