Xieguangkun’s actor Tang Jianjun has an affair with a young girl

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Zhao Benshan brought out many apprentices, especially the play of rural love, which made many apprentices known to the public, such as Tang Jianjun. Tang Jianjun, the actor of xieguangkun, has an affair. Tang Jianjun, who has been married and has children, is openly close to a young girl. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xieguangkun’s actor Tang Jianjun has an affair

Tang Jianjun, who was born in 1968 and is 53 years old this year, is well known by many netizens with his role of Xie Guangkun in rural love. Recently, a video of Tang Jianjun suddenly came out on the Internet. In the video, Tang Jianjun and his party were eating. Tang Jianjun also sang a song with a microphone, but Tang Jianjun’s other hand was clasped with the girl sitting next to him. This girl looks very young, just in her twenties.

Although she was held by Tang Jianjun, the girl smiled and seemed very happy to have a close contact with Tang Jianjun. There were also applause around. Tang Jianjun looks more like a father and daughter than a girl. After watching the video, many netizens suspected that Tang Jianjun was cheating, because Tang Jianjun had a wife and was married for the second time. Tang Jianjun’s first wife was Errenzhuan actor sun Xiaoyu, who had a daughter after marriage. Sun Xiaoyu has also revealed the reason for the divorce of the two people, saying that Tang Jianjun cheated in his marriage.

Tang Jianjun and the young girl are closely linked

Sun Xiaoyu is even more straightforward. No one has been with Tang Jianjun for a long time, suggesting that Tang Jianjun will not get rid of his mess. Tang Jianjun later married Er Renzhuan actor Wang Xiaohua. Tang Jianjun also spent a lot of time pursuing Wang Xiaohua at the beginning. After marriage, Wang Xiaohua basically quit the stage and married her husband and taught her children at home. As a result, Tang Jianjun is now photographed with a young girl, and netizens have roast that Tang Jianjun is stubborn, that is, cheating. Of course, there are rumors that Tang Jianjun and Wang Xiaohua have long divorced.

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