Xu Weining sells a luxurious house with her ex boyfriend. The agent said it was inconvenient to respond on her behalf

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Xu Weining and qiuze sparked love because of their cooperation in the film. They also announced the good news of their marriage to foreign officials not long ago. Recently, Taiwan media reported that Xu Weining sold the mansion with her ex boyfriend, and it is not convenient for married Xu Weining to keep the mansion. When Xu Weining’s agent was asked about the matter, he said it was inconvenient to respond on his behalf and refused to respond. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Xu Weining sells with her ex boyfriend Hao

Before Xu Weining and Qiu Ze were together, there was another well-known relationship, that is, with male artist liuyounian. Xu Weining and Liu Younian were photographed dating closely in 2017, and then they freely disclosed their relationship. At that time, Xu Weining and Liu Younian were also very sweet. They also bought a luxury house in Taipei. However, Xu Weining and Liu Younian are separated from each other all the year round, so Xu Weining has always lived in this house.

Xu Weining later promoted the movie when men fell in love. She was asked if she planned to marry Liu Younian. Unexpectedly, Xu Weining answered that she was single and how to get married without a partner. Because Liu Younian and Xu Weining have been dating for so many years, and they have also jointly bought a house in Taipei, many people agree that Xu Weining and Liu Younian are not simply separated, but are likely to be divorced.

Xuweining’s agent refused to respond

Now that Xu Weining has remarried and married Qiu Ze, it is natural to draw a clear line with Liu Younian. Recently, the Taiwanese media found that Xu Weining and Liu Younian’s mansion, which is worth about 14 million yuan, was sold online. Taiwan media also interviewed Xu Weining’s agent on this matter, but the other party refused to answer, saying that selling a house and whether to live are Xu Weining’s personal questions, which are inconvenient for him to answer on his behalf.

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