Xue Zhaofeng was expelled from Peking University and earned nearly 35million yuan from selling classes online

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Xue Zhaofeng is well known by many netizens because of his participation in Qibo. At that time, the program group introduced him as a famous economist. Xue Zhaofeng also expressed many interesting views in the program, which was loved by Qibo said fans. Xue Zhaofeng was a professor at Peking University earlier, but he no longer served as a professor at Peking University when he joined Qibo. How did Xue Zhaofeng get expelled from Peking University? Is it true or false that Xue Zhaofeng’s online sideline sells classes with a profit of up to 35million yuan? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Xue Zhaofeng was expelled from Peking University

Xuezhaofeng himself is a graduate of Peking University. He was hired as a professor by Peking University in 2010. When Xue Zhaofeng was in 2017, Luo Zhenyu invited him to do paid courses. Xue Zhaofeng accepted Luo Zhenyu’s invitation. Xue Zhaofeng is well-known in academia. Coupled with the blessing of his professorship at Peking University, many people naturally bought Xue Zhaofeng’s online courses.

It is reported that in just three months, nearly 100000 netizens subscribed to Xue Zhaofeng’s economics discipline, creating nearly 60million revenue for the platform, and he himself received nearly 35million compensation. However, this situation of Xue Zhaofeng was also opposed by some teachers of Peking University. Some teachers of Peking University even accused Xue Zhaofeng of stealing Peking University courses and selling them online, which was illegal.

Xue Zhaofeng earned nearly 35million yuan from selling classes

Facing the accusations of his colleagues, Xue Zhaofeng directly chose to resign, so he was not expelled from Peking University. After leaving Peking University, Xue Zhaofeng didn’t have any worries, and began to participate in the recording of many variety shows as an economist, of which QIPA said is the most well-known. About Xue Zhaofeng’s resignation, although many netizens accused him of giving up his position as a professor at Peking University for money, more netizens believed that Xue Zhaofeng’s freedom of choice.

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