Xuhaiqiao madly confesses that Liu Yifei was scolded and treated people differently

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Although xuhaiqiao played Liu Yifei’s scum male predecessor in the Menghua record, very few netizens scolded xuhaiqiao because xuhaiqiao was Liu Yifei’s fan brother. Xuhaiqiao madly confesses to Liu Yifei, but many passers-by scold xuhaiqiao for rubbing the heat and accusing him of going to other teams. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Xuhaiqiao madly confesses to Liuyifei

Although xuhaiqiao made a mess of Liu Yifei in the play, he made a frantic confession to Liu Yifei outside the play. Xuhaiqiao is also working in various shouting production groups in the live studio, hoping to play with Liu Yifei again. He also said that he hopes to be spoiled by Liu Yifei in the new play and play a role in which Liu Yifei selflessly gives even his life. Xuhaiqiao also said that he had succeeded in following the stars and had been successfully added to Liu Yifei’s wechat.

Xuhaiqiao’s riddle performance outside the play also makes it difficult for the audience of the Menghua record to scold xuhaiqiao. It really separates xuhaiqiao’s role from himself. However, many netizens accused xuhaiqiao of rubbing the heat. It was only when he saw that Liu Yifei was angry that he confessed to Liu Yifei. He didn’t really like Liu Yifei. Some netizens even suggested that xuhaiqiao’s sexual orientation was a negative news.

Xuhaiqiao was scolded and treated people differently

Netizens even pulled out a variety show that xuhaiqiao had participated in Hunan Satellite TV in his early years. In the program, when xuhaiqiao faced Wu Xin, he was also gentle and considerate. Many viewers watched the program and became the CP fans of him and Wu Xin. However, in the same program, xuhaiqiao was disgusted with an unknown actress introduced by a friend, and even didn’t bother to interact with each other, so he had no manners at all. Netizens said that xuhaiqiao could not like this girl, but not so many people with no quality and no manners. They angrily scolded xuhaiqiao as a person who held high and trampled low.

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