Yamazaki Xianren and Hirose Ling interact with each other, and the semi cohabitation office responds with super ambiguity

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Yamazaki is now a very popular male star in Japan, but recently the Japanese media exposed Yamazaki’s love affair. Japanese media said that Yamazaki Hyun and Hirose Ling were in a semi cohabitation state, and the response of the two firms to the scandal was also quite ambiguous. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Yamazaki sages associate with Hirose Ling

Recently, the Japanese media published nearly 39 dating photos of the wise man Hirose Yamazaki. From the photos and the description of the media, they have been shooting the wise man Hirose Yamazaki for a long time, and they know very well about their relationship. Japanese media said that when Yamazaki Hyun is not working now, he basically doesn’t go back to his home and stays at Hirose Ling’s home. The two people are in a state of semi cohabitation.

This year, Hirose Ling celebrated her birthday. Yamazaki went to Hirose Ling’s house the day before yesterday, obviously to celebrate her girlfriend’s birthday. At more than two o’clock the next afternoon, the two talents went out to Jingdong dome to watch the game, and also made an appointment with two friends. After the game, the four returned to Hirose Ling’s home together. However, the two friends left soon, leaving the wise man Hirose lingyamazaki alone. It seems that Yamazaki sage and Hirose Ling are in love, and he has not concealed it from his friends.

Yamazaki sage Hirose Suzuki half cohabitation state

On the second day after guanglailing’s birthday, guanglailing took his company’s car to work in the morning. After almost an hour, Yamazaki’s car also came to meet Yamazaki near hiroseto’s home. It was obvious that hiroseto Yamazaki’s company knew about their relationship. However, when the media asked Yamazaki Hyun and Hirose Ling’s company, both companies said that the private life of the artist was left to me. It was inconvenient for the company to say more. This ambiguous response was obviously acquiescence.

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