Yan Xingshu upgraded to be a father who is Yan Xingshu’s wife

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Yan Xingshu has acted in MVP lover, star apple paradise, snow angel and other works, and is also a member of 183club. However, Mingdao is the most famous in this group. After the group was dissolved, Yan Xingshu was rarely seen on the screen. Recently, people have paid attention to Yan Xingshu because he has become a father. Many netizens said that they didn’t know when Yan Xingshu got married. It was too low-key. Unconsciously, they had become fathers. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yan Xingshu is promoted to be a father

Yan Xingshu recently posted a document on the social platform, showing a picture of his newly born daughter, saying that he is now immersed in the pink world. Everyone is also very curious about Yan Xingshu’s wife? However, up to now, Yan Xingshu has not disclosed his wife’s real identity to the public, and he has protected his wife’s privacy very well.

There are also some rumors on the Internet that Yan Xingshu’s wife is Liu Yiying, a model, but this is certainly not true. Yan Xingshu and Liu Yiying did go out with each other, but they finally broke up. Liu Yiying is now married, and her husband’s name is linshengjun, so Yan Xingshu’s wife must be someone else.

Who is Yan Xingshu’s wife

Yan Xingshu was not very popular at that time, and even many netizens complained that he was black and dusty. In fact, it is also a very accidental thing for Yan Xingshu to become an idol in the entertainment circle. Yan Xingshu was originally a basketball player, and he was very powerful. Because of his height and appearance, he was signed by qiaojieli company and finally became a member of 183club. Although Yan Xingshu is now very low-key and unwilling to disclose his wife’s identity, he still wishes Yan Xingshu and their daughter to grow up happily and healthily.

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