Yan Yalun withdrew from the fan group and was dissatisfied that the group name was changed to “only one China”

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I believe many friends have paid attention to Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. This is something that makes netizens very angry, but for those Taiwan independence elements, it is something that makes them excited. Yan Yalun withdrew from his fan group because his fan group was renamed as “only one China”. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Yanyalun quits fan group

In his early years, Yan Yalun also participated in many variety shows in the mainland. However, in recent years, there has been no mainland variety show inviting Yan Yalun, let alone any film and television invitation. The reason is that Yan Yalun’s political ideology has problems. Yan Yalun’s various behaviors have already exposed his Taiwan independence thoughts. This kind of entertainer has to take a lot of risks.

In the recent Pelosi incident, Yan Yalun was also the excited Taiwan independence group. He sent various articles on INS to express his welcome to Pelosi and various kinds of allusions to the mainland. Many artists have voiced their voices on Weibo, saying that there is only one China, and some Taiwanese artists have voiced their voices. However, as a Taiwan independent, Yan Yalun will definitely not make such remarks.

Yan Yalun is dissatisfied with the group name being changed

However, I am a fan of yanyalun, but I always want to wash the white of yanyalun. Now, since Yan Yalun doesn’t say his attitude, his fans start to say their attitude. The purpose is to block those netizens who scold Yan Yalun, but they didn’t expect the car to overturn. Yan Yalun’s netizens outside China joined a fan group. Unexpectedly, the administrator changed the group name to “there is only one China in the world”. Unexpectedly, after the name was changed, Yan Yalun immediately withdrew from this fan group and slapped his fans in the face. Therefore, those fans should not try to whitewash Yan Yalun. There is no idol in front of the country, so they should not find a Taiwan independence element as an idol.

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