Yang Di responded to the controversy again and never looked down upon the Internet Celebrities

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When Yang Di was recording the program, the program team arranged the same frame with the ESO group of online celebrities. Later, Yang Di expressed the hope that the program team could delete the pictures of both sides in the same frame. Yang Di’s behavior also caused controversy among many netizens. Although many people support Yang Di, some people doubt that Yang Di despises online celebrities. Yang Di responded to the controversy again, denying that he looked down on the netizens. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Yang Di responded to the dispute again

Yang Di asked the program team to delete the pictures in the same frame as Lu Han’s group, and some netizens began to question ESO. These netizens think that Yang Di is also a net celebrity and is liked by everyone through imitation. The ESO group is also a popular online group and a group imitating popular artists. The ESO group looks the same as Yang Di in the past. At that time, Yang Di was also spurned by some people, thinking that his image was very bad. The ESO portfolio that Yang Di experienced in his early years is experiencing.

Therefore, we think that Yang Di should understand the current situation of ESO groups and should not join forces with some star fans to boycott ESO groups. Yang Di responded to this again. Yang Di said that everyone had their own views on this matter, so he also expressed it again. Yang Di said that he never thought that imitation shows were inappropriate, and he often imitated. He never looked down upon online celebrities, and he respected any children who wanted to work in performing arts.

Yang Di has never looked down upon Internet Celebrities

But I have to make it this time. If it doesn’t happen, it means that I have acquiesced, and I can use other people’s identities to participate in the program recording in the way of edging the ball. If these people come to be themselves, they are 100% welcome. Although both Yang Di and ESO are net celebrities, there are essential differences between them. Yang Di always does what he does. The ESO combination is completely a Shanzhai, malicious traffic. Even the name of the popular traffic star is a Shanzhai, and it should be resisted by people in the entertainment circle. I still hope that some netizens will not morally kidnap Yang Di in the ESO portfolio.

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