Yang Mi recorded secret escape 4, and the program group issued an apology

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Nowadays, many artists focus on both variety and film. While entering the group to shoot new dramas, they also record variety shows to improve their exposure. Of course, variety is also faster than filming. Yang Mi recorded the secret escape 4 eyes were injured and had been sent to the hospital for treatment. The secret escape 4 program group also sent an apology to Yang Mi. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Yang Mi recorded secret escape 4 eye injuries

Mango TV’s variety room escape 4 was in the process of recording. As a result, an insider revealed that Yang Mi had an accident during the recording program, and his eyes were seriously injured. Yang Mi was rushed to the hospital and underwent surgery for almost five hours. At present, the wound has been sutured. But because the injured part is around the eyes, Yang Mi’s next journey will certainly be affected.

After the news came out, Yang Mi’s fans also angrily scolded the secret escape 4 program group, believing that the program group completely did not consider the artist’s own safety in terms of game safety, which led to Yang Mi’s injury. Facing the angry scolding of netizens, the secret escape 4 program group also had to come out to respond to this matter. Secret escape 4 issued a document to express a sincere apology to Yang Mi, and the program team will also conduct a review to strictly control safety production and ensure the safety of guests and staff.

Secret escape 4 sends an apology to Yang Mi

However, many netizens roast that Yang Mi shouldn’t participate in secret escape 4, thinking that since she has entered the group of fox demon little matchmaker, she should stay well in the crew and shoot. If she is injured, the shooting progress of fox demon little matchmaker will also be affected. However, Xiaobian felt that everyone should not blame Yang Mi for this matter. Yang Mi signed a contract with secret escape 4 a long time ago. It was only because of the epidemic that the shooting time of the program was delayed again and again. Finally, he collided with the shooting time of the fox demon little matchmaker. I still hope Yang Mi can get better soon.

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