Yao Di sends a video with a green hat, which is suspected to imply that her husband is cheating

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Yao Di was quite high-profile when he got married. He showed his love on social platforms. Results in the past two years, Yao Di and her husband were photographed with intimacy with other members of the opposite sex. Yao Difa wears a green hat in his video, and his copywriting is questioned by netizens, suggesting that his husband Gao Jie is cheating. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yao Difa wears a green hat

Yao Di’s husband Gao Jie proposed to her in 2018, and they got married in 2019. Unfortunately, this marriage lasted only four years and was already on the verge of collapse. Before, some media photographed Gao Jie holding hands with the hot girls, even hugging and not talking in the street, and even kissing. Later, Yao Di was photographed looking for the opposite sex to go out to the bar to get drunk. The whole person looked very lost. Friends of the opposite sex had been comforting her.

At that time, people speculated whether Yao Di was married. Unexpectedly, Yao Di recently released a video on the social platform, in which Yao Di wore a very conspicuous green hat. Yao Di’s essay is even more intriguing. The content is “ If you want to live a decent life, you must wear green on your head;, The topic is “ From love to happiness;. Many netizens naturally think that Yao Di is hinting at her husband’s infidelity, and may be able to see the news that Yao Di’s official announced his divorce.

Yao Di is suspected of alluding to her husband’s infidelity

There are even many netizens who leave messages under Yao Di’s video. They are all in the mood of watching a good play. After all, Yao Di was a junior who broke Ma Yili’s marriage. Netizens satirized Yao Di angrily. Now they should understand Ma Yili’s feelings in those years. Love doesn’t come first, but people should be polite, righteous and shameless. If they rob someone else’s husband, others may rob your husband. It seems that many netizens are waiting to see Yao Di’s marriage overturn, hoping that Yao Di’s marriage is not happy.

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