Yaochen denies that his mother was photographed smoking and shouting that the paparazzi’s family is the bottom line

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Yaochen was loved by everyone because he participated in the Creation Camp 2019. Finally, he joined the r1se portfolio with the popularity of the fifth place, and successfully entered the entertainment industry. There are so many right and wrong people, even the family members of the stars will be involved. Yaochen denied that his mother was photographed smoking and shouted that paparazzi, family is his bottom line. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yaochen denies that his mother was photographed smoking

The cause of the incident was that some paparazzi showed photos of Yao Chen’s mother smoking. Although Yao Chen’s mother has the right to smoke as an adult, many people still have prejudice against women smoking. So many netizens began to have prejudice against Yao Chen’s mother after seeing the news about the paparazzi. Some even left messages in the comment area to scold Yao Chen’s mother, saying that such a mother could not educate a good son. This incident also attracted Yaochen’s attention.

Yaochen posted a screenshot of his wechat chat with his mother on his social platform. Yaochen directly sent the photo of the paparazzi to his mother to ask if it was his mother. Yaochen’s mother said that she has never smoked. Is this photo P’s? Will she dare to go out in the future? Can we still have a normal life? It can be seen that Yao Chen’s mother is also very angry with the paparazzi.

Yaochen yells that the paparazzi’s family is the bottom line

Yaochen also directly sent a document calling on the paparazzi to recognize people and spread the law, saying that family is their bottom line. Yaochen also directly sent a screenshot on whether it is illegal to shoot without the other party’s consent, warning that paparazzi’s behavior is already illegal. Yaochen’s response was also very firm. It can only be said that today’s paparazzi not only spread rumors about artists, but also their families in order to attract attention and traffic. This behavior is really terrible and has no moral bottom line.

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