Yasha: in Indian mythology, the demigod who controls the trajectory of the sun, is one of the eight gods of Tianlong

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??" Yasha &quote; The words originated from ancient Indian mythology. In ancient Indian mythology, Yasha is a demigod. There are different opinions about its origin. According to the Vishnu Puranas, Yasha and rosha were born from the feet of Brahma at the same time, but the two sides are usually hostile to each other. Yasha is different from Luocha, who is harmful to people. It has a friendly attitude towards human beings, so it is called &quote; Sincere person &quote;. The image of Yasha is changeable. Sometimes it is described as a fast and terrible warrior, and sometimes it is described as a dwarf with a drooping abdomen. The female Yasha is depicted as a beautiful young woman with a happy round face and plump breasts and hips. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


Basic explanation

Item: Yasha

Pinyin: y è ch à

??1. [Vatican Yaksa; malevolent spirit]: it can eat ghosts or quick disease ghosts. Buddhists call it a kind of man eating evil ghost or a fast and secret evil ghost that soars into the air. In Indian mythology, a small demigod who controls the trajectory of the sun.

??2. [hideous, ferocious person]: it refers to an ugly and vicious man.

??3. [beautiful, strong women]: it refers to a strong and beautiful woman (female man)

Detailed explanation

??1. Sanskrit translation. In the Buddhist scriptures, a kind of evil ghost, brave, strong, violent and evil, can eat people. Some later became the God of Dharma protection after being enlightened by the Great Buddha, and were listed as one of the eight heavenly dragons.

According to the Sutra of Vimalakirti, the Buddha’s Kingdom product: “and the rest of the great powers of the heavens: dragon, Yasha, qianguva, Asura, Kalura, jinnara, and Maharaja will all come and sit.” Note to the venerable kumarosh: “there are three kinds of (Yasha): one is on the ground, two is in the void, and three is also Yasha. Yasha is given by money, so it cannot fly in the air, and Yasha is given by chariots and horses, so it can fly.” The fifth episode of the novel a dream of Red Mansions: “I only heard the sound of thunder in the maze. There are many Yaksha sea ghosts dragging Baoyu down.” “Selected Chinese Folk Tales: the story of Meng Jiangnu”: “the Dragon King of the four seas was really in a hurry. The Crystal Palace shook every day and the palace was full of noise. He hurriedly sent the Sea Patrol Yaksha to investigate.”


The twelfth episode of the romance of gods: “don’t say that Nezha took a bath, but say that Donghai Ao Guang was sitting in the Crystal Palace. He only heard the sound of the palace que. Ao Guang hurriedly called around and asked,” the earth shouldn’t shake. Why is the palace shaking? ” Pass it on to Li Gen, who patrols the sea, to see what makes Haikou strange. When Yasha came to Jiuwan River, he saw that the water was red and brilliant. He saw a child dipping a red robe in water to take a bath. At the fork of the river, he shouted, “what will the child do to make the river red and the palace shake?” Nezha looked back and saw something under the water. His face was like indigo, his hair was like cinnabar, his mouth was huge, and he held a big axe. “

Strange Tales from Liaozhai: Jiaozhou is surnamed Xu, and oceanwide is Jia. Suddenly, it was blown away by the strong wind. Open your eyes to a place, deep in the mountains. Ji Youju people, then cable boat and board, negative embarrassment La Yan. When you enter, you can see that both cliffs are holes, as dense as a beehive; There is a voice inside. Outside the cave, I stopped and peered. There were Yaksha II, Yasen listed halberd, eyes flashing double lights, claws cleaving raw deer and eating. Scattered souls, eager to run down; Then Yasha has already looked at it and stopped eating.

??2. It refers to ugly and vicious people, such as “female Yaksha” and “male Yaksha”. Tang Zhang Zhuo’s book “Jin Zai in the court and the wild” Volume II: “people can’t live when they taste the hungry Yasha.” Song wuzeng’s “can change Zhai manlu · chronicle 1”: “in the first year of the founding of the Yasukuni, Chen Cisheng, the governor, said Zhang, taking Cai Yuandu as a smiling yecha.” Lao She’s “Camel Xiangzi” 15: “he knows to marry a female Yaksha, but this Yaksha can cook, clean the house, scold him and help him. It’s not delicious for him!” Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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