Ye Ke’s friend denied that Huang Xiaoming was in love with Ye Ke and said he didn’t see Huang Xiaoming at the birthday party

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Ye Ke posted photos of her birthday on her social platform, saying that she was surprised by the birthday party. She also posted many photos of the birthday party, including two hermes bags and ye Ke’s tears. But ye Ke’s move also successfully sent her and Huang Xiaoming to the hot search. Ye Ke’s friend denied Huang Xiaoming’s love affair with Ye Ke, saying he didn’t see Huang Xiaoming at the birthday party. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ye Ke’s friend denies Huang Xiaoming’s love affair with Ye Ke

After ye Ke showed her photos of her birthday party, some netizens broke the news, saying that Huang Xiaoming arranged the birthday party for her. Huang Xiaoming appeared at the birthday party to celebrate Ye Ke’s birthday that day. Ye Ke was moved by Huang Xiaoming’s romance, so he cried at the birthday party. Some netizens noticed that on the birthday card that ye Ke posted on her microblog, a significant “ M” Letters, together, are “ M love keke”? Netizens speculated that this m should refer to Huang Xiaoming.

Then ye Ke and Huang Xiaoming were picked up more and more for their suspected love details. Many netizens also ran to ask Ye Ke’s friends whether ye Ke’s relationship with Huang Xiaoming was true or false. Ye Ke’s friend responded to netizens, saying “ Eat melons rationally, and the people who eat melons don’t take them too seriously ”, At the same time, he denied that Huang Xiaoming appeared at Ye Ke’s birthday party.

Ye Ke’s friend didn’t see Huang Xiaoming at the birthday party

But Huang Xiaoming’s love affair with Ye Ke has been picked up for so many days, and the hot search has also been on, but Huang Xiaoming Fang has not come out to speak, and does not deny his attitude of not admitting. Only Ye Ke and his friends denied it, and netizens speculated that Huang Xiaoming was worried about being beaten in the face. If you really find any hammer evidence in the future, Huang Xiaoming can use Ye Ke to deny their relationship for his protection. Huang Xiaoming put himself out this time, that is to leave behind for himself.

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