Ye Qing is so miserable. Aloes are like crumbs and vines. Vines and vines are all robbed by Xiao San

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Not long after Chen Xiang was broadcast, netizens picked out that female number three was actually the producer’s junior, and was hammered by the producer’s ex-wife. Many people also began to feel distressed. Ye Qing is so miserable. Ye Qing was robbed of her horn in Aloes like crumbs, and she was also robbed of her horn in manmanqingluo. Moreover, these two actresses who robbed Ye Qing are junior. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Ye Qing is so miserable

Aloes like crumbs at the beginning, Ye Qing played, and Ye Qing’s fixed makeup photos have come out. As a result, I didn’t expect that Ye Qing’s role was also removed when the heroine of aloes was replaced from Jing Tian to Yang Zi. At that time, it was also said that Yang Zi wanted one person to play two roles, so Ye Qing stopped playing. But now I found that the producer had arranged his junior Xu Kaining, so he replaced Ye Qing who had no background.

This is not the first time Ye Qing has encountered this kind of thing. At the beginning, the heroine of the TV series man man Qingluo had already booked Ye Qing, but was later replaced by Yao di. That time, Ye Qing personally sent a document hammer, angrily scolding Yao Di for fighting for everything and robbing everything. He hoped that the circle would be clean and transparent, fair and open, so that he would not be so humiliated and directly scold Yao di “ You don’t have to rob people ”, To make it clear is to scold Yao Di for interfering in Ma Yili’s marriage and being a junior.

Ye Qing is robbed of the role by Xiao San

Ye Qing graduated from Beijing Film Academy and entered the entertainment industry in 2010. Fortunately, she encountered the drama step by step in 2011. With the rich woman Meng Xinyi who had Princess disease in the drama, she was well known by many netizens. In the few years since Ye Qinggang’s debut, with the cooperation with Tangren film and television, the resources are still very good. However, later, the Tang Dynasty film and television declined, and Ye Qing’s own company was not the kind of power and power. Ye Qing’s resources were very abusive, and she was still vulnerable to being robbed.

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