Ye Xuan’s recent photo was exposed and questioned. The goddess of ancient costume became a net red face

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Ye Xuan hasn’t developed very well in the entertainment industry in recent years. She hasn’t seen any new film and television works with you for a long time. In recent years, she has seen Ye Xuan on the screen, basically some interview variety shows. Yexuan’s recent photo was exposed and was questioned about cosmetic surgery. The former ancient costume goddess turned into a net red face, which makes people sigh. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yexuan’s recent photo was exposed and questioned about cosmetic surgery

Ye Xuan, who hasn’t appeared for a long time, recently updated her video number. It’s just that ye Xuan in the video has changed so much that many netizens dare not recognize her. Many netizens left messages asking whether ye Xuan had had a facelift. Even the Hong Kong media directly sent a news message saying that roast had failed to have a facelift. Ye Xuan in the video, although her skin looks particularly good, her face looks too red, and her chin is sharp to exaggeration.

In this regard, ye Xuan’s fans explained that ye Xuan’s video made use of the online celebrity effect, so ye Xuan’s face looked a little online. They denied that ye Xuan had cosmetic surgery. In the face of external disputes, ye Xuan has exposed the stills of her early TV dramas, proving that she is a natural beauty and has not moved her face. However, the face in Ye Xuan’s latest video really looks unnatural. It is normal for everyone to question her plastic surgery.

Ye Xuan becomes a goddess in ancient costume

In fact, many netizens have childhood filters for ye Xuan. In those days, ye Xuan was also a representative of ancient beauty. In addition, ye Xuan had acting skills, was still a top student, and there were many fans. Unfortunately, a few years ago, ye Xuan talked about a lot of controversial topics on the program and became the queen of entertainment topics. Therefore, many netizens were disillusioned with her. Even many artists tried to avoid her and were unwilling to cooperate with her. Even in the end, ye Xuan couldn’t even get decent film and television resources. Yexuan’s acting career is ruined by her own words.

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