Yearning for life 6 was scolded for watching people cook and disrespecting flying guest Yang Di

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Yearning for life 6 seems to cause a lot of hot discussion among netizens after each broadcast, but this hot discussion is basically negative. Yearning for life 6 was scolded for watching people off the disc. Compared with other flying guests, it was obviously disrespectful to Yang Di. Why do Netizens feel this way? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Yearning for life 6 being scolded and watching others cook

The reason why many netizens say that they yearn for life 6 doesn’t respect Yang Di is that they happen to meet Yang Di’s birthday when recording the program. In the evening, the guests of the program also gathered to the place where Yang Di lived to chat. As a result, when it was almost 12 o’clock, everyone ended. Yang Di thought that everyone was coming to celebrate his birthday. He thought about how to thank everyone. As a result, Yang Di thought too much.

After the people left, a director of program group 6 of yearning life who also had a very good relationship with Yang Di called Yang Di out to chat. But the content is about the program, and I don’t remember Yang Di’s birthday at all. This night, Yang Di’s heart was like a roller coaster, and twice hope turned into disappointment. It was Yang Di who took the initiative to mention his birthday the next day that Huang Lei made Yang Di a bowl of seafood longevity noodles.

Yearn for 6 accused of disrespect for Yang Di

Many netizens complained that the program group was too indifferent to Yang Di. When the previous guests Yin Fang and Wu mengke came, both of them were married and had children. Huang Lei and he Jiong had to hold a ceremony for them and spent a lot of energy preparing a new house for them. However, Xiaobian feels that netizens should not be too serious. Compared with Yin Fang and Wu mengke, several people in the program group are more familiar with Yang Di. Maybe it’s because Yang Di is too familiar with it, and she can do well in variety shows, so she won’t take care of Yang Di specially, so she will ignore Yang Di’s birthday.

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