Yi Nengjing (Fang) responded that she attended the birthday party of the fraudster and was invited by her friend’s daughter. She did not know him

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Some time ago, it was revealed that Yi Nengjing went abroad to attend the birthday party of the fraudster Xia Zhulin. This event triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. Many netizens shouted that Yi Nengjing should be banned and angrily denounced for associating with the fraudster for money. Yi Nengjing responded to the dispute over attending the birthday party of the fraudster, saying that she was invited by a friend’s daughter and did not know Xia Zhulin. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Yi Nengjing (Fang) responded by attending the birthday party of the fraudster

The cause of the incident was that it was exposed that Yi Nengjing went to North America to attend the birthday party of rich brother Andy. A large number of photos on the scene flowed out. Netizens found that this rich brother Andy was Xia Zhulin who fled overseas after defrauding 380 million yuan. Therefore, netizens began to bombard Yi Nengjing, asking why she took the trouble to attend a birthday party of a swindler and wondering about their relationship.

In the face of the online controversy, Yi Nengjing studio also responded, saying that Yi Nengjing was invited by a friend’s daughter to participate in the activity. What Yi Nengjing was told was that it was an activity donated by Chinese charities, not someone’s birthday party. The statement also repeatedly stressed that there was no reward for the reception and attendance of the event, and the donation link at the event site was broadcast live.

Yi Nengjing denies knowing Xia Zhulin

The studio said in the statement that at that time, the organizer told Yi Nengjing that a donor happened to be on his birthday, and hoped that Yi Nengjing could speak and interact on the stage. So I can see the group photo of Yi Nengjing and Xia Zhulin on the Internet, but Yi Nengjing doesn’t know each other at all. If it is really like what Yi Nengjing Fang explained, then Yi Nengjing is really wronged. However, some netizens do not believe Yi Nengjing’s explanation, because the Internet celebrity ABCD mother in the reform activity explained this matter as a community party invited by Hubei fellow villagers and neighbors. One said it was a community party, and the other said it was a charity dinner. Obviously, someone lied.

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