Yin Xiyue has been humiliated repeatedly. Have Koreans seen their position this time?

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The NATO summit held in Madrid, the capital of Spain, invited two Asian countries – Japan and South Korea for the first time.

Japan’s level seems to be a little higher than that of South Korea, because Fumio Kishida also attended the G7 summit before.


However, there are several official photos released by G7 that are like this. Fumio Kishida has been “disappeared”, the United States “New York Times” Fumio Kishida only shows half of his head, and the German “Bild” Fumio Kishida is completely blocked by Johnson. Instead, China’s “people’s Daily” chose a full face photo of Fumio Kishida.

South Korean netizens were still laughing at the Japanese Prime Minister’s ignorance on twitter, just like last year’s G7 meeting in Britain, where South Korea and Japan frequently competed on photos.

However, the disastrous diplomacy Yin Xiyue encountered at the NATO summit broke the hearts of South Korean netizens, and some said, “the Republic of Korea has no face.”.

Yin Xiyue and his wife attended the NATO summit, which was supposed to be a show of face and became a “highlight moment” since he took office. After all, his predecessor never received such treatment.

Before his departure, the Korean media was full of expectation, excitement and excitement, but he did not expect that the result would be so humiliating.

Some netizens in South Korea summed up the “six humiliations” for Yin Xiyue’s visit:

1? He was ignored when shaking hands with Biden.


When taking a group photo of the NATO family photo, Yin Xiyue kept staring at Biden. When Biden passed by, he quickly smiled and shook hands with Biden.

Biden didn’t even look at him, but mechanically shook hands with Yin Xiyue and looked at Bulgarian President RADF, talking and laughing.

Biden didn’t even make eye contact with Yin Xiyue. Some South Korean netizens said that they were embarrassed to be “on fire in their faces”.


In public, the behavior of “laughing before speaking” and expecting to shake hands usually occurs when the superior meets the subordinate. My wife comes over, and that’s how I often look.

However, this situation in international occasions is a reflection of the South Korean President’s recognition of his status (when the leader comes, laugh quickly).

It’s unnecessary to blame the 79 year old Biden. He didn’t say “Hello, Moon Jae-in”, which was already good. It can only be said that the Korean people humiliated themselves.

2? In the group photo of the leaders of South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand with the Secretary General of NATO, only Yin Xiyue’s eyes are closed.


This is a picture released on NATO’s official website. South Korea’s “national daily”, “Jingxiang news”, “Central Daily” and other media have accused NATO of impolite behavior and asked it to correct it, otherwise it will be disrespectful to South Korea.

3? Meeting with Finnish President ninisto was dismissed

South Korean diplomats had previously confirmed with Finland that the two heads of state would meet on the 28th, but Yin Xiyue waited in the meeting room for 30 minutes before being notified of the cancellation of the meeting.

During the first level talks of the Yuan Dynasty, the subordinates of both sides will repeatedly confirm the time and place of the meeting, and then submit the details of the trip to the president.

Even if there is a temporary change, the other party will be notified in advance. The situation of waiting for 30 minutes in vain like Yin Xiyue is very outrageous. On the one hand, it shows that South Korean diplomats have serious dereliction of duty. On the other hand, it shows that even Finland, a small European country, has not paid attention to South Korea at all.

4? Yin Xiyue’s next meeting with the Secretary General of NATO was stood up by the other party.

This can no longer be explained by outsiders. The South Korean side was flattered by the separate talks with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.

As a result, the gap was so large, and NATO did not apologize or explain. It just said that it would re coordinate the meeting time. However, Yin Xiyue has flown back to South Korea today. How to coordinate?

South Korean netizens were angry again, and some even said they would break diplomatic ties with Finland and NATO.

5? South Korea’s president’s wife Kim Jang hee was pushed to the edge when taking a photo with the spouse of the NATO summit leaders.


This is a photo taken at the Museum of the National Art Center of Queen Sophia in Spain on June 29. It was released by the twitter account of the Spanish royal family. As the president’s wife, Kim Jianxi was not only unable to stand in the front row, but also half of her face was blocked.

This is similar to the disappearance of Fumio Kishida. Originally, Koreans expected this young and beautiful lady to become a diplomatic highlight, but the result was another pot of cold water.

6? The United States, Japan and South Korea met.


Biden sat in the middle, and Yin Xiyue and Kishida Wenxiong sat on both sides. Is this a meeting of leaders? Isn’t this a meeting between the boss and the Department Manager?

Biden also sat behind the black and white Wuchang town. All topics were led by the United States, all about North Korea, and only 25 minutes.

South Korea and Japan left after reading the manuscript, saying it was a three-party talks, but Yin Xiyue and Kishida Wenxiong had almost no communication. Yin Xiyue was like a subordinate who finished reporting to the boss and left in a hurry.

Yin Xiyue’s NATO debut came with full expectation, but returned with full humiliation.

“National daily” believes that the Korean people have encountered many diplomatic faux pas during this “NATO trip”, which is chilling and humiliates the whole country. However, the Korean media blamed the South Korean Foreign Ministry for the main responsibility.

In fact, from the perspective of this series of humiliations, despite the mistakes of South Korean diplomats, the main problem is not decided by the South Korean foreign ministry at all. Behind it is not only ignorance, but also discrimination.


Lee Myung Bak was not ugly in the United States, but what was the result?

For the west, it is already a kind of “honor” for the South Koreans to enter the gate of NATO. Do you want to add points to yourself? In fact, you are a runaway.

However, South Korea can’t see its position clearly, and still considers itself one of the protagonists on the stage. Before Yin Xiyue left, some South Koreans had this mentality.

In terms of geopolitics, if South Korea wants to get close to NATO, it will do harm to Sino South Korean relations. To put it bluntly, this is Yin Xiyue’s “vote” for participating in the NATO summit.

At a press conference held in Madrid on the 29th, Choi sang mu, the chief economic Secretary of Yin Xiyue, said, “the era of realizing the prosperity of South Korea’s export economy through China has ended. The alternative is to strengthen cooperation with Europe to develop South Korea’s economy.”

When going to NATO for a meeting, the Korean people actually want to “take off China”. If China restricts the Chinese cabbage, your pickles are dangerous. Do you want to import Chinese cabbage from Europe?

In May this year, South Korea’s foreign trade deficit (about US $15billion) occurred. The last deficit was in the Asian financial crisis in 1998 and the US subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. South Korea is an export-oriented country, and it is very dangerous for the deficit to expand further.

Who can save the Korean economy and the American market? Think too much.

South Korea unexpectedly still wants to rely on Europe to develop its economy. In order to please the west, it has spared itself.

Since its establishment, the Republic of Korea has always been a mixture of extreme inferiority and arrogance. Last year, the United States invited South Korea to the G7 meeting.


Just because Moon Jae-in stood in the first row, on June 13, the South Korean government released a propaganda poster entitled “see the status of South Korea from a photo” on its official twitter account.

It can be seen how much Korean people care about these photos. Any little “face proof” should be on the outline and boast. We can’t understand it.

However, the repeated humiliation in Madrid almost distorts the mentality of South Koreans to an explosion. Do you still want to publicize “see the status of South Korea from a photo”?

Whether it’s the G7 or NATO, how can the Korean people be the protagonists on these stages? How much do you know?

There is only one absent protagonist in Asia. The G7 meeting will mention this country more than a dozen times. The new strategic report of the NATO summit will regard this country as a challenge. Leaving this country, Western politicians and media will not even speak now.

The United States brought South Korea and Japan to the NATO summit in order to form gangs to engage in confrontation in Asia, and wanted to use the means of expanding the team to cover up the embarrassing situation of “people’s hearts are scattered, and the team is not easy to bring”, which also shows that the United States has no ability to fight alone.

Powerful countries do not need to prove their importance through the G7 or NATO stage at all. Only those servant countries without a sense of existence will care about trivial things like photos all day long.

If they really want to win respect, Koreans should stand up and get rid of the United States. Otherwise, no matter how you perform, it will only be a rotten drama of the harem, which will only make your psychology more distorted.

If this series of humiliations cannot make South Korea see its position clearly, it will be more than humiliation waiting for South Korea.

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