Yin Xiyue stepped up the deployment of Sade. Will South Korea become the “Ukraine” in East Asia?

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Original: Jinqiao think tank source: wechat official account: Wang Cheng said that life has been authorized

The real storm in East Asia is coming. Many people have not realized it. In order to cooperate with the US dollar interest rate hike, harvest global wealth and fill the huge deficit of the United States, the US government has provoked the Ukrainian war in Europe. The Ukrainian war has been fought for nearly four months, but it has not yet ended. The Ukrainian people and EU countries have been sacrificed to the magic altar of the war by the United States.


Now, in order to contain China, the United States has extended its black hand to East Asia. Yin Xiyue’s government has stepped up the deployment of THAAD and stirred up the situation on the peninsula. Japan’s exchange rate has plummeted and is in danger. Is the United States going to start the second Korean War and sacrifice to South Korea and Japan?

There are many ways for the United States to provoke the war in Ukraine, but the key is two ways. One is NATO’s eastward expansion, which deceives Ukraine to join NATO; The second is to encourage the Ukrainian army to attack the Russian militia in Donbas and engage in Neo Nazi genocide.

After eight years of forbearance, Putin finally saw the right time to start. In fact, the Ukrainian war has provided a vivid survival lesson for small countries among big countries, and the fate of choosing sides between big countries is inevitable.

It never occurred to us that the Korean people did not learn a lesson and wanted to be the “Ukraine” of East Asia. To provoke the peninsula conflict, the United States has nothing more than two moves. One is to deploy Sade and other strategic weapons in South Korea to threaten North Korea, China and Russia, and the other is to instigate South Korea to attack North Korea. The second move did not dare to be used at all, because South Korea could not defeat North Korea. Even if the United States launched a biological war against North Korea, it was easily defeated by North Korea.

The deployment of THAAD by the United States in South Korea is in fact of the same nature as encouraging Ukraine to join NATO. Only when Ukraine joins NATO can the United States deploy strategic weapons to the Russian border. However, without joining NATO, the United States can deploy Sade and other strategic weapons in South Korea, threatening the security of China and Russia. It goes without saying that North Korea.


On the surface, THAAD is a missile defense system with a maximum range of only 300 kilometers. He cannot reach China. But the key is that the radar equipped with the THAAD system can detect a distance of twoorthree kilometers. Such a large detection range can basically cover Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the three northeastern provinces of China and most of the Shandong Peninsula.

This area is the most important area in China. If it is explored by Sade for a long time, China will have no secrets. Beijing is the capital of China and the heart and brain center of the country. Liaodong Peninsula and Shandong Peninsula are the most important naval bases in China.

Previously, we divided the country into seven military regions. Within this region, there are three military regions, namely, the Beijing Military Region, the Shenyang Military Region and the Jinan Military Region. Although after the military reform, it has become one of the five major military regions, most of our military departments have not moved, but are still in this region.

The United States’ deployment of THAAD missiles in North Korea is like installing cameras in China’s bathrooms and bedrooms. China will have no secrets in front of the United States. If China and the United States are in the honeymoon period, the question is that the United States and China are currently in a critical period of strategic game. The United States, a second-class professional, has been planning to bring down China for nearly a decade. Can we watch the deployment of THAAD by South Korea?


We should know that six years ago, when Park Jinhui was in office, his relations with China were quite friendly. At that time, we did not tolerate the deployment of THAAD by South Korea. The current yinxiyue government has made it clear from the beginning that it hates China, and China will not get used to it. Moreover, after six years, the strength of China, North Korea and Russia has been greatly improved. We have no reason to be weak towards South Korea. Therefore, any fluke of Yin Xiyue’s government will bring disaster to South Korea.

Never forget the past and learn from the future. We can look back on the tragic disaster caused by the deployment of THAAD missiles by the park Kim hye government of South Korea six years ago. Let’s not talk about the small losses. Let’s talk about the important ones. There are at least five major injuries to South Korea.


First, park chin hye was in prison. She became a prisoner from the president. Last year, she was sentenced by the Korean court for 20 years. Although she was granted a special amnesty this year, she spent five years in prison. She became the former president of South Korea who spent the longest time in prison. Her lifetime fame went down the drain.

Second, the post-80s generation of North Korea seized this strategic opportunity, vigorously developed the “two bombs and one satellite” and ran on the road of building a strong nuclear military. By 2018, North Korea has become the world’s fifth largest nuclear power after the United States, Russia, China and France. The weak advantage that South Korea has finally established through the miracle of the Han River has been completely destroyed.

Third, China ROK relations have suffered the greatest damage since the establishment of diplomatic relations. Although China did not directly destroy South Korea’s THAAD missile system, it gave South Korea a head-on blow in terms of public opinion and economy. The business of Lotte, Samsung, Hyundai and other Korean companies in China was severely hit, especially Lotte Group, which completely withdrew from China. The entertainment culture “Korean wave” that South Korea is proud of is also rapidly ebbing in China. The economic losses are at least one hundred billion dollars.

Fourth, the relationship between China and the DPRK is rapidly warming up. Due to the Sade incident, the top leaders of China and the DPRK have realized many mutual visits and visits, and have completely restored the friendly relations that have been seriously damaged since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the ROK in 1992. In the face of the iron facts, China and the DPRK have returned to the once close blood alliance relationship, which is a greater loss for the ROK than the economic loss.

Fifth, the forced deployment of THAAD by the ROK has greatly damaged the prestige of the government and made the Korean people rise up against the puppet government of the ROK. In the process of deploying THAAD in South Korea, the most fierce opposition was the South Korean people. There were countless rallies and even hunger strikes. The local people in Qingzhou formed a wall to block the roads and resolutely refused the Sade missile launcher to enter the scheduled deployment site.


The Moon Jae-in government, which came to power in 2017, was very knowledgeable, judged the situation and made “three no” commitments on the deployment of THAAD: first, South Korea will not deploy additional THAAD systems; Second, South Korea does not join the US anti missile system; The third is not to develop the US Japan ROK military alliance. And promised to solve the Saad missile system that has been shipped to South Korea through negotiation.

It was precisely because the Moon Jae-in government made the “three noes” commitment on the Sadr issue that the situation on the peninsula was eased, the Wen Jin Association and the special fund association were held one after another, and Northeast Asia ushered in a rare post-war detente. In particular, Trump and Kim Jong Un, as heads of state of the United States and the DPRK, held two meetings, which was a breakthrough between the two countries after the Korean War. And Moon Jae-in was able to land safely, becoming the only South Korean president who escaped the curse of the blue house.

Hegel said that the only lesson that human beings have learned from history is never to learn a lesson. This is a perfect word for Yin Xiyue. Now Yin Xiyue can not see the status quo of the broken mountains and rivers in Ukraine, nor can he see the five-year imprisonment disaster of Park Jinhui. He is determined to lead South Korea to the abyss of history!

As early as during the election campaign, Yin Xiyue made a high-profile statement that once elected, he would expand the deployment of the THAAD missile system. Not only will the existing THAAD missile system be revived, but also a new THAAD missile system will be deployed in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.


However, Yin Xiyue did not mention the deployment of THAAD in his inaugural speech last month. Chinese elites, including Hu Xijin, were greatly relieved, saying that his talk about deploying THAAD was nothing but a campaign mouthpiece and could not be taken seriously. However, I believe that Yin Xiyue will certainly fulfill his election promise and redeploy Sade, because this is the condition for the US emperor to help him take office.

Sure enough, the Korean media reported in the 16th daily that the South Korean Ministry of defense has begun to formally set up relevant environmental agreements to promote the environmental impact assessment of the “thad” base. This is considered to be a “signal bomb” for the restoration of the “Sade” base, which has been temporarily deployed after a lapse of five years.

Over the past five years, Moon Jae-in has in fact used the public opinion of the ROK to shelve the Sade issue. That is to say, after the Sade missile system was shipped to the ROK, he did not return it to the United States or deploy it. He just shelved it there so that all parties could accept it.

After the South Korean media released the rumor that Sade would be deployed, Chinese ambassador to South Korea xinghaiming made it clear in an exclusive interview with the South Korean media that among all the allies of the United States, South Korea is the closest to China geographically. If the United States deploys Sade in South Korea, Sade’s X-wave radar has a detection range of nearly 3000 kilometers and can probe into the Chinese mainland. This not only disturbs the Chinese people, but also damages China’s strategic security interests. China cannot turn a blind eye.

Although Yin Xiyue and the South Korean government have repeatedly argued that the deployment of THAAD is a matter of South Korea’s sovereignty and is to deal with the threat from North Korea, Ambassador Xing believes that South Korea has many means to strengthen security, not only the option of “THAAD”. THAAD seriously threatens China’s strategic security. Why should South Korea choose this way? It is hoped that the ROK can understand and respect China’s strategic security concerns.

But it is clear that South Korea has not done so. On June 17, the South Korean Ministry of defense reaffirmed that the South Korean government has accelerated the resumption of normal operation of the “THAAD” anti missile base of the US military stationed in South Korea, which is located in Xingzhou County, North Gyeongsang province.

In april2017, after the launching of the “Sade” battery at the Xingzhou base in Qingbei, it has been in a temporary deployment state so far. The so-called “Sade” normalization plan refers to the general environmental impact assessment, ensuring unrestricted base access, and completing the land supply process for some U.S. military facilities in the base.

The so-called temporary deployment status is like saying that Sade’s house has been built, but it has not been decorated, connected with water and electricity, and has not been settled. Naturally, it is impossible to realize its various functions. At that time, it was reported that the US Army at the thad base had been blocked by the public and had no water to drink. Finally, the military helicopter carried water to the US Army for drinking. The construction site fell into a de facto shutdown state. However, in June last year, the United States also transported a large number of building materials to the base, and its attempt to return to work was also blocked by the Korean people.

It has to be said that the Korean people are much more aware than the Ukrainian people. However, the yinxiyue government is determined to deploy the Sade system. It is obviously not enough to rely on the strength of the Korean people alone. China, North Korea and Russia should add some oil to the Korean people.

In addition, Yin Xiyue obviously will not stop at deploying THAAD. In a few days, he will go to Europe to attend the NATO leaders’ summit. Before that, South Korea has also joined the NATO Network Defense Center of excellence, which has a great attempt to form a military alliance between the United States, Japan and South Korea. If the United States, Japan and South Korea form a military alliance, it is the Asian version of NATO. China, Russia and North Korea will never sit idly by.

At present, the foreign trade between China and South Korea accounts for about 25% of South Korea’s foreign trade, while the trade between China and South Korea accounts for only 6% of China’s foreign trade. Even if the trade between China and South Korea is cleared, it will not have much impact on China, but it will hurt the muscles and bones for South Korea. This year, affected by the war in Ukraine, the ROK also sent special envoys to China for emergency assistance, requesting China to provide urea. It shows that the Korean economy can not be separated from China.

South Korea deploys the Sade system, which will move the whole body! On the issue of national strategic security, China is by no means vague. Yinxiyue is determined to go her own way. She will be beaten to death. Her fate will be more tragic than that of Park Jinhui. After all, park is only the first offender, and she did not know the consequences were so serious in advance. And Yi Xiyue is knowingly guilty, and he must be punished first class!

In 2017, all kinds of well-known big V’s and media were exaggerating the situation on the peninsula, as if the war on the peninsula would start tomorrow, including shenmouhua and other ambushed dark sons of the United States waving flags and shouting to cater to the strategic intention of the United States. However, I was always very calm and firmly believed that the Korean peninsula could not be fought. The facts also showed that most of my judgments at that time were right. I became a rare we media ready to judge the situation on the Korean Peninsula.

But this time, I am not as optimistic as 2017. The possibility of war on the Korean Peninsula cannot be ruled out, and the possibility of South Korea becoming an East Asian version of Ukraine cannot be ruled out. There are three reasons:

First, the Biden administration has a strong need to provoke war. As a businessman, trump is actually not belligerent. He is one of the few presidents in the history of the United States who did not launch war against foreign countries during his term of office. But Biden is different. Since Biden did not hesitate to start the war in Ukraine, he can also start the war on the peninsula at any cost.

The Ukrainian war has broken out for four months. At present, although the United States has gained some benefits, it has not achieved the goal of sucking blood from Europe, bringing down Russia and alleviating the economic crisis. Therefore, the Biden administration has a strong motivation to open up a second battlefield, create a security crisis in East Asia and detonate the second Korean War. It can not only sacrifice South Korea and Japan, but also tie Japan and South Korea to the American chariot.

Second, the military strength of the DPRK is not what it used to be, and it has always maintained a strong will to reunify the peninsula. In the face of North Korea’s provocation, how high North Korea’s tolerance is a question. It does not rule out the possibility that the DPRK will launch a pre emptive strike in the face of provocation from the United States and the ROK, such as destroying the Sade system deployed by the ROK with missiles. In that case, the peninsula is also likely to rekindle war.


At least the United States and South Korea will launch a surprise attack on North Korea in retaliation, but once the war starts, it is difficult to stop. If North Korea really fights with the United States and North Korea, it will be tantamount to opening Pandora’s magic box, which is difficult to take back.

Third, the influence of Japan, a monster, cannot be ignored. Japan’s economy is at stake now. It can not be ruled out that Japan gambles heavily on its national destiny in order to transfer domestic contradictions and pursue normalization. With the acquiescence and connivance of the United States, it interfered in the affairs of the peninsula and became involved in the civil war on the peninsula.

Since Kan Yiwei publicly announced last year that Japan would help defend Taiwan, Japan began to run naked on the road of the revival of militarism. Today’s Japan is different from that in 2017. Japan knows that this is its last chance to snipe at China with a free ride from the United States. There is no such shop after this village. In a few years, China’s economic and military strength will surpass that of the United States in all respects, and Japan will have no chance at all. From now on, Japan can only live in the shadow of China.

In short, Sade concerns the core security interests of the country. We must not take it lightly. At least it deserves our attention more than the Ukrainian war. After all, Ukraine is far away, while South Korea and Sade are nearby! We should keep up the spirit of 12 points and pay close attention to the progress of the situation. We should not only prevent South Korea from deploying Sadr, but also prevent war and chaos on the peninsula, and prevent the tragedy of Ukraine from repeating in East Asia!

However, if the South Korean government really wants to go its own way, then we must act decisively and wake up the South Korean government. The dog is blind and does not have to look at its owner to beat the dog. Even where it is inconvenient for us to do so, North Korea can do it for us. In short, as long as the ROK dares to completely fall back to the United States and deploy THAAD missiles, we will support the DPRK in fighting against the ROK, supporting the reunification of the Korean Peninsula, and driving the US military out of the Korean Peninsula.

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