Ying caiershai takes a group photo with her two sons. Her brother HOHO has delicate facial features and is mistaken for a little girl

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When Chen Xiaochun took his son Jasper to go to where his father went, netizens shouted that Chen Xiaochun should have a second child. Chen Xiaochun was really gentle with little puffs in the program. He felt that Chen Xiaochun must be a daughter slave. As a result, they did have two children, but they were still two sons. Ying caier took a group photo with her son. As a result, many netizens regarded her brother HOHO as a little girl. HOHO’s facial features are really exquisite. With long hair, no wonder it will be misunderstood by netizens.

Ying caiershang takes a group photo with her two sons

Everyone is very familiar with Jasper. His performance in the program where my father is going is too crazy. However, since the second generation of stars was forbidden to come out to participate in the program, we can only see Jasper in the videos sent by Ying caier or chenxiaochun and social platforms. Compared with Jasper, people know very little about HOHO, chenxiaochun’s second born son.

Recently, Ying caier posted a group photo with Jasper and HOHO on the social platform. HOHO was held in her arms by her mother, and Jasper was standing in front of her mother. Ying caier also wrote: This is what summer looks like. HOHO’s facial features are really exquisite, and because he wears a pigtail, he is mistaken for a girl by many netizens.

HOHO was mistaken for a little girl

After knowing that HOHO was a boy, everyone praised HOHO as a beautiful man. If Jasper is the mini version of chenxiaochun, HOHO is the mini version of Ying caier. HOHO really perfectly inherits Ying caier’s beauty gene. It seems that time has really passed quickly. HOHO’s age now is the age when Jasper attended where his father went. Now the program policy on children is gradually open, and it is possible to restart wherever dad goes. If it does restart, I hope chenxiaochun will take HOHO with him. HOHO will definitely suck a lot of sister powder and mother powder.

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