Young woman dictates: I can’t suppress my impulses and finally I cheated

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A week after the wedding, my husband went out of town. It’s really hard to live with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law’s work is very leisurely, and my mother-in-law has nothing to do. I am busy in the hospital every day, and I have to do housework when I get home. My mother-in-law loves my children, but not my daughter-in-law. She doesn’t like me being idle. Sometimes I work night shifts.

When my husband is at home, I can’t help complaining to him, but he doesn’t understand. My father-in-law died early, and my husband and sister-in-law were pulled together by my mother-in-law. He was a dutiful son and could not understand my feelings at all.

When I’m not working the night shift, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law watch their favorite TV programs after dinner, and I go to the study to surf the Internet. Before marriage, I never chatted for days, and then I was really bored, so I applied for a QQ number, and I chatted online in the evenings or on weekends when I had nothing to do.
When Xiao Ou sent me a message asking me to add him as a QQ friend, I was shocked because he typed my name directly. It was only later that I remembered that we were still high school alumni. He was one level lower than me, and I had little impression of him.

Xiaoou is a very likable boy, warm and cheerful, smart and humorous, and often makes me laugh while chatting. I forgot a lot of things in high school, but Xiao Ou still remembers it. For many days, chatting with Xiaoou on the Internet has become the most relaxing and pleasant thing in my life.

Xiao Ou and her husband are two completely different people. The husband is taciturn and slow to express, but Xiao Ou is meticulous and thoughtful, caring everywhere.
Gradually, I became more and more familiar with Xiao Ou. Although I have never seen each other since graduating from high school, he has gradually become the person I trust the most.

I would tell him what happened every day at work and at home, and I would also tell him about the depression in my heart. Single Xiaoou asked me to help him introduce his girlfriend. I asked him to say the standard, and he said: just like you! I can’t stop my heart beating faster…
After chatting for half a year, I met Xiao Ou. In my impression, he was a thin and small boy, and a few years later he became a tall and strong handsome guy. I was off work that day, and I went shopping with Xiao Ou after dinner, and watched a movie. He bought me a lot of snacks and kept telling jokes to me. I felt like I was back to being a happy and free single before marriage. period.

In the evening, Xiao Ou drove me home. After I went upstairs, I saw his car was still parked downstairs from the window. I called him and told him to go home quickly. .”
When I am happy or sad, I always think of Xiao Ou. Every time he accompanies me without complaint, shares my happiness and my sorrow. Slowly, Xiao Ou began to call me every night. Every time I went to work at night, he would drive to pick me up. I felt a little sorry for not letting him pick me up. He looked at me seriously and said, “Let me come. Well, if I don’t worry about it, I can’t even fall asleep.”

On my birthday this spring, Xiao Ou asked me to change shifts with my colleagues and said that he wanted to celebrate my birthday. That day, he drove me for a drive, and during lunch, he took out a beautiful silk scarf and a delicate silk scarf buckle, saying it was a birthday present for me.
After dinner, we were walking on a quiet road. Xiao Ou tied a silk scarf for me, then carefully fastened the silk scarf button, and said, “It’s so beautiful.” Then he added, “I mean people.”

“Thank you.” My heart was beating like a drum, and I lowered my head and didn’t dare to look into his eyes.

Xiaoou told me that he liked me very much since high school, but he didn’t dare to tell me. Later, when I was admitted to university, he wrote me two letters, but I didn’t reply. When he said this, I suddenly remembered that I actually received two letters from him in my freshman year, but I didn’t have any impression of him at that time, so I didn’t reply. “Hmph, you’ve hurt me for a long time!” As if venting his anger, Xiao Ou grabbed my hand suddenly.
I was startled and wanted to pull out my hand, but he held it tightly, and the affection in his eyes softened my heart. So, I let him and I interlock, and the warmth of his palm made my heart feel sour and soft…

I was like a lost beast, knowing that there would be danger in the forest, but still ran into it desperately.

I couldn’t control my heart more and more, I often couldn’t help thinking about Xiao Ou, thinking about his meticulous care, thinking about the silly way he made me happy, thinking about the warm feeling when he held my hand… Lying in bed at night, Looking at the wedding photos with my husband on the bedroom wall, I told myself over and over again: I can’t go on like this anymore, I can’t go on like this anymore!
I have made countless determinations. Next time we meet, I will definitely tell Xiao Ou that we cannot be together like this anymore. I am a man with a husband! But when I saw him, all the cruel words could no longer be said. He was as happy as a child, he took my hand and said this and that, “Baby I found a delicious Sichuan restaurant”, “Baby guess what small gift I bought for you”, “I will bring you when the baby is resting. You go for a ride”…Although little Ou is a year younger than me, he has always regarded me as a child, and every time he calls me baby with love, I feel intoxicated and happy.

In the summer, my sister-in-law saw Xiao Ou taking me home. I don’t know what she said to her mother-in-law. That night, her mother-in-law said to me very seriously: “Su Pei, you should pay attention to making friends, and don’t forget that you have a husband. The person.” I answered again and again, but a shiver shuddered in my heart. If you want people not to know, unless you do it yourself. I can’t indulge my feelings anymore, it’s not good for everyone.
I began to intentionally reduce the meeting with Xiaoou. After he noticed it, he was very depressed and told me that he was not too young, and it was time to consider personal issues. My heart hurts like a needle stick, and I forced a smile and said, “I hope you can find a good girl.”

Xiaoou brought some pictures of girls and asked me to help him with ideas. I hid the pain and helped him. But when we meet, Xiaoou just doesn’t nod, and many girls just meet once. I was anxious: “If you do this again, don’t come and ask me!” He said with red eyes: “I only want one…” I walked over and covered his mouth to prevent him from saying any more. He hugged me and couldn’t help crying first, it was me.
In this way, I am connected with Xiaoou, not a lover or a friend. I feel bad for him if he doesn’t go to his girlfriend, and I feel bad for him when he goes to see other girls. I think about him every day, and I think about him piercingly. I have broken up countless times, but without any news from him for a few days, I feel like crazy, I will call him again desperately, and he is the same, when he receives my call, no matter what he does, he will leave it behind. Time to meet me.

A few days ago, I sent Xiao Ou a text message: If I get divorced, will you want me? He immediately replied: Yes! My heart was hot, and I wanted to send a text message to my husband to ask him to reconsider our marriage, but I took out my mobile phone and found that I had no reason at all and no courage at all… I could only convince myself that to be cold to Xiao Ou to the end, only In this way, he can find his own happiness.

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