Yu Qingbao Gao: parallel prose praising immortals, one of the specific styles of Taoism

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Bao Gao: parallel prose in praise of immortals is one of the specific styles of Taoism. Bao Gao’s tonal rhythm is very strict. He often praises and describes the Taoist Immortals’ practice and the manifestation of their merits in the form of singing. The words are vague and concise. It describes a large number of doctrines and practices. The first sentence of Bao Gao begins with “the rite of converting one’s mind to life”, which indicates piety. Baogao is the immortal saint of Gaofeng. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!


To the heart conversion ceremony.

Above the three realms, the Brahma energy Maitreya. The supreme is the heaven in the sky. Yuluo xiaotai, Yushan Shangjing.

There is a golden pagoda and a pure river. Xuanyuan energy is the first of chaos. Among the jewels, there is mystery.

The three scenes of Kaiming are transformed into the heavens. There are hundreds of millions of innocent people without martingales. Rotary bucket calendar skip, back to the five constant.

It is a towering and big fan, the father of thousands of ways. Great Luo Yuqing, nothingness and nature. To the true and wonderful way, Yuanshi Tianzun.



1. Yuqing baogao: Yuqing originally refers to the holy land of Yuqing, which was ruled by the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. This quotation refers to Yuanshi Tianzun. Tell me tomorrow. One of the styles of Taoism is the truth of the Xianzhen admonition notice.

2. Zhixin conversion ceremony: the language of fasting and chanting scriptures. Sincerely, sincerely; To convert to life is to return to life. According to the notes to the emperor’s Sutra, “if you are sincere, you will not do it to your heart. Few people regret not doing it. They satirize that this sutra is always sincere and respectful. Therefore, it is said that you will do it to your heart.” This refers to saying this to show godliness before reciting the jade Qingbao Gao. The same below.

3. Above the three realms, the Buddhist energy Maitreya: the three realms refer to the desire realms, the color realms, and the non color realms, also known as the three realms of heaven. The desire realm is the world where all living beings who have not cleared their appetite and lust live; The realm of color is above the realm of desire. It is a world inhabited by sentient beings who have left their coarse desires and only enjoy the subtle images, but there are still obstacles in this realm; The achromatic world is above the color world, which is a world where the disembodied pictograph hinders the clarity, emptiness and purity. The life span of the people in the three realms is limited. They can not surmount disaster. When their life is over, they still have to enter the cycle of reincarnation. Sanskrit energy refers to the Qi of great Sanskrit. Luo, Da Luo Tian. It is located on the heaven of the three realms. In this sentence, above the three realms and the heavens, there is a grand scene of the great Luotian. The spirit of the great Brahma includes the heavens.

4. The supreme heaven, the heaven in heaven: this sentence says that the Dalao heaven, which is located above the three worlds, is the supreme fairyland. According to the Sutra of the Lingbao wuliangren Sutra, “the great Luo heaven is inhabited by the virtual Emperor (the year of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, which refers to the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty). It includes heaven and earth and cannot be studied.” It is said that the supreme is supreme. Yuanshi Tianzun is the supreme god of Taoism, and all celestial fairyland takes Dalai fairyland as the supreme place, so it is said that “heaven in heaven”.

5. Yuluoxiao terrace, the jade mountain goes to the capital: yuluoxiao terrace is the terrace where the emperor ascended his throne at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. “Huang Jing Ji Zhu” said: “the highest pole in the sky, the sky in the sky, the light is fragrant and gloomy, Xiao Ran is really clear, so it is said that Yu luoxiaotai.” Yushan goes to the capital, that is, Yujing mountain, which is the place where Yu Luoxiao, the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, is located.

According to the Sutra of the cave mystic spirit, the precious jade capital mountain steps, it is said that “the mystical jade capital mountain, on the top of Sanqing, is colorless and dust-free. There is the seven treasures xuantai (yuluoxiao Tai) in the golden palace of Yujing, the crape myrtle palace, and the three treasures nerve in it. The trees of the seven treasures naturally grow in all directions of the mountain. Each side of the mountain generates a note, which pervades all directions. It covers all the heavens, including three realms. It is the supreme great Luo heaven.” It is said that “the jade mountain goes to Beijing”.

6. The golden pagoda and the Senluo Jinghong: remote, long and distant. Jin que, the heavenly court. Senroe, chaos. Jinghong means that the heaven is as clean and profound as the sea. According to the notes to the emperor’s Sutra, “there are many phenomena in the sky, which are abstruse and difficult to be poor. Therefore, it is said that Senluo Jinghong is the best.”.


7. Xuanyuan energy, the first of chaos: Xuanyuan energy, Taoism believes that everything in heaven and earth is derived from the three energies of Xuanyuan, yuan and Shi. The sequence starts from the fractal of primitive energy. The separation of the two energy forms part of chaos. The energy is clear and clear all the time. The energy is accumulated and stagnated into the ground. There is harmony energy in the separation and combination of the two energy, which is called Xuanqi. Therefore, it is called “Xuanyuan energy”.

Taizhenke, cited in volume 7 of the pivot of Taoist doctrines, said: “the supreme three heavens are the three natural energy sources of the great Luo, namely, the metaphysical, yuan and Shi, which are transformed into the three pure heavens.” Therefore, the “Xuanyuan energy” also refers to the pure heaven and the pure holy land. Chaos is the state of vitality before heaven and earth were opened up.

8. Among the jewels, the mysterious is also the mysterious: Jewels refer to the mysterious yuan Qi that generates everything in the world. The word “Tao Te Ching” refers to the profound and unpredictable meaning.

9. The three scenes of Kaiming are transformed into the heavens: Kaiming opens the light; The three scenes refer to the sun, the moon and the stars. “The third chapter of the divine mantra product” in volume V of the notes to the emperor’s Sutra says: “the three sceneries will shine when they are obtained.” Incarnation is the refinement of God. “Dong Xuan Lingbao Zhu Tian world creation Sutra” says: “the incarnate, blessed with divine power, lives in change.”

10. There are hundreds of millions of innocent people without Yang (Y à ng): innocent, one of the seven grade Taoists in the Taoism Institute. Naive Taoist means that the body is natural and the inside and outside are pure and quiet. No martingale, no end. In this sentence, the emperor of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty opened up numerous and endless scholars of Taoism in order to expound the truth and carry forward the teaching method.

11. Rotary dipper, calendar skip and five constant degrees of return: rotary dipper, rotating Big Dipper star. Liji, the Jisu star in the calendar, is one of the twenty-eight constellations and the last one of the seven constellations of the green dragon. Back to the degree, that is, back to the degree, and return to nature. The five constant elements refer to five substances: gold, wood, water, fire and earth.

12. Majestic and big, the founder of all roads: majestic and incomparably tall. Big style, big style. Wan Dao refers to the general name of all Taoism sects. In this sentence, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty was the originator of the style of Taoism and the master of all Taoism sects. The ancestor of all dharmas.


13. Great luoyuqing, nothingness and nature: Great Luo, the fairyland of great Luotian; Yuqing, one of the three clear heavens, refers to the highest heaven in the thirty-six days, which is the highest fairyland inhabited by immortals. It means that the Xuanyuan energy generated from the great Luo Tian is transformed. Nothingness is natural. The great Luo heaven is supreme. Nothingness is ethereal. The Yuqing realm is transformed from the energy of Xuanyuan. Therefore, it is said that “nothingness is natural”.

14. The most true and wonderful way, the first heaven: the most true, originally the honorific name for those who practice the truth and get the way. It’s called Juezi for six years, with no breath in the nose. It’s called Zhizhen. This is a tribute to the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. Wonderful way, mysterious way. Yuanshi Tianzun, also known as Yuqing Yuanshi Tianzun. The highest god of Taoism, the first God of “Sanqing”.

According to the taixuan zhenyijijing, there is no patriarch and supreme power, but the only power is the beginning of all things, so it is called Yuanshi. It is called Tianzun, because everything is extremely respected, and it is often in Sanqing and out of heaven Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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