Yu Xiuhua was slapped in the face by her husband during a fierce quarrel with her husband in the live broadcast

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Yu Xiuhua and her husband Yang zhuce, who is 14 years younger, have been married for more than two months, and their relationship crisis broke out. The once sweet love seems to have disappeared. Yu Xiuhua had a fierce quarrel with her husband during the live broadcast, and Yu Xiuhua revealed that she had been slapped hundreds of times by Yang zhuce during the live broadcast. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Yu Xiuhua had a heated argument with her husband during the live broadcast

The live broadcast of Yu Xiuhua and Yang zhence is obviously that Yang zhence deliberately angered Yu Xiuhua. Yang zhuce knew that Yu Xiuhua was true temperament and that Yu Xiuhua was in a state of emotional control after he was angry, so he deliberately opened the live broadcast. Yang zhuce has been aiming the camera at Yu Xiuhua, and has been exposing all kinds of scandals about Yu Xiuhua, which has successfully angered Yu Xiuhua. Yang zhuce broke the news that Yu Xiuhua peed in her pants after getting drunk, and accused Yu Xiuhua of scolding her daughter bitch.

Yuxiuhua said that she was not the daughter of Yang zhuce who scolded, but Yang zhuce who scolded. Yu Xiuhua also revealed that he had been slapped hundreds of times by Yang zhuce, and even nearly strangled by Yang zhuce. Yang zhuce’s disclosure in the live broadcast cannot be just to humiliate Yu Xiuhua, but Yu Xiuhua’s complaint directly exposed Yang zhuce’s domestic violence. So the netizens who watched the live broadcast blamed Yang zhuce and angrily scolded Yang zhuce as a scum man.

Yu Xiuhua was slapped by her husband

Many netizens thought at the beginning that Yang zhuce didn’t really love yu Xiuhua, but just coveted Yu Xiuhua’s fame and money. Yu Xiuhua once said that her love and marriage were very happy, but now it seems to be full of injuries and lies. Netizens all shouted that Yu Xiuhua should be sober, must not be in love, and let Yu Xiuhua divorce quickly and stay away from Yang zhuce, a scum man, otherwise Yu Xiuhua will definitely suffer more harm.

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