Yu Yan responded to the new song’s query and said he didn’t plagiarize

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Now the general environment of the entertainment industry is very bad. It is not easy to send new songs and shoot MV. So for many singers, it is absolutely important for them to release their own new single and shoot MV. Yu Yan responded to the new song’s query and said that he had never copied. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Allegorical response to new song query

Yu Yan was well known by many netizens because of your participation in the second season of youth, and later became a member of The9. Yu Yan also released his new song who recently, but when the MV of this song was released, it immediately attracted many netizens’ ridicule, because the MV of who was accused of copying the MV of Korean singer Kim Tae Yeon’s invu. Kim Tae Yeon is the captain of time girl. She is not only a popular artist in Korea, but also has many fans in China. Fans must know Kim Tae Yeon’s MV very well.

So the plagiarism incident was immediately searched on Chinese websites. Jintaiyan’s fans in China also shouted for Yu Yan to apologize, and broke up with Yu Yan’s fans on the Internet. This parable also made a voice, and a video was specially recorded. Yu Yan said that no matter when she shot her new song MV, she did not plagiarize it. At this time, she should stand up and should not let her fans bear the burden for her. She also hopes that her explanation can make the netizens who support her stand up.

Yu Yan denies new song MV plagiarism

However, although Yu Yan insisted that he did not plagiarize, the netizens still took a screenshot of Yu Yan’s MV “who” and Kim Tae Yeon’s MV “invu” for comparison, saying that the operation of the two MVs has been roughly distributed in the background, and so on, and there is a great suspicion of plagiarism. I feel that the metaphorical MV is more about changing the cosmetic clothing, the background color and so on. After looking at the screenshots of the two MVS, it is said that the MVS of who are plagiarized?

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