Yu Yuan has an indestructible body and a heart piercing lock. Why did he lose to the fear of leaving behind Sun?

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Yu Yuan has an indestructible body and a heart piercing lock. Why did he lose to the fear of leaving behind Sun? The editor of China story network provides you with detailed relevant content.

Yi Qixian Yu Yuan was the master of Yu Hua. At that time, he used the blood melting magic knife to get Nezha and Lei Zhenzi. The blood melting Sabre is a magic weapon refined by Yu Yuan. In addition, three pills are refined together, and these three pills can dissolve the toxicity of the blood melting sabre. In order to save Nezha and Lei Zhenzi, Yang Jian disguised himself as Yu Hua and asked Yu Yuan for these three pills. Later, Yu Yuan knew that he had been cheated by Yang Jian, so he went down the mountain angrily.


Whether Yu Yuan is a great Luo Jinxian will not be mentioned for the moment, but it seems that he is immortal because Jiang Ziya caught him, wanted to kill him and ordered Li Jing to execute him.

However, Li Jing took a sword to chop. Not only did he fail to cut off Yu Yuan’s head, but he also popped several holes in his sword.

After that, fearing Liu sun proposed to put the remaining yuan in an iron cabinet and then sink it to the North Sea. However, the iron cabinet is gold, the sea water is water, and gold and water coexist. On the contrary, Yu Yuan escaped to biyou palace.

Seeing Yu Yuan’s miserable appearance, the leader of Tongtian sect felt embarrassed. He gave Yu Yuan a heart piercing lock and asked him to catch him back.

Yu Yuan went down the mountain again, but in the end, he was caught by the immortal rope tied by the fearing sun, and finally died under the immortal chopping Throwing Knife of the Taoist Lu!

Yu Yuan has the immortal body of King Kong and the heart piercing lock granted by the leader of Tongtian sect. Why is he not afraid of leaving sun?

There are several reasons for this.

First, the magic weapon of fear of leaving sun is not ordinary.

It seems that this name is a magic weapon to restrain immortals. Yu Yuan is just an immortal, and his name is Yi Qi Xian.

Nuwa’s mother has a rope to bind demons, or she can bind immortals, but her power is definitely not as strong as when she binds demons. After all, this is targeted!

So, fearing to leave sun, he can easily clean up the remaining yuan!

Second, the fear of leaving sun is a sneak attack!

Fearing to leave sun and Yu Yuan to fight directly three times, these three times can be said to be sneak attacks.

For the first time, Tu Xing sun wanted to steal Yu Yuan’s five cloud camel, but the five cloud camel was owned by the owner. Tu Xing sun did not steal the five cloud camel, but Yu Yuan caught him in the heaven and earth bag.

Just when Yu Yuan set fire to burn Tu Xing sun, he was afraid that sun would come. He made a whirlwind, sat down, stretched out his hand, and even snatched the Ruyi heaven and earth bag.

The second time, it was said that Yu Yuan fought against Ziya. Before he could reach the ten fold mark, he was afraid to leave Sun Ji to tie the immortal rope in the air. He ordered a yellow scarf warrior to take Yu Yuan in the air!

For the third time, fearing to leave sun, he knew that Yu Yuan had won a treasure from the leader of Tongtian sect. He could not restrain himself and could only win by sneaking. Therefore, he negotiated with Jiang Ziya to let Jiang Ziya fight with Yu Yuan, while he was sneaking.

According to the original description, Jiang Ziya carried the sword to the face and returned it. He was afraid of leaving the immortal rope tied by Sun Ji. He ordered the yellow scarf warrior to take Yu Yuan down. After hearing the next sound, he took Yu Yuan out of thin air.

Fearing that Liu sun would succeed in these three times, he basically attacked secretly and did not fight Yu Yuan openly. If he released the fairy rope openly, he might not be able to catch Yu Yuan.

Third, Yu Yuan is asking for trouble!

Fearing liusun’s Fairy rope is very famous. For the first time, Yu Yuan was caught by fearing liusun with the fairy rope and sank into the sea.

But the second time, he was still caught and sunk to the bottom of the sea by the same method.

At this time, Xiao Liu would like to say that Yu Yuan is really a stupid X! In the same way, he was afraid that sun would succeed twice. Didn’t he know that it was better to strike first and then suffer?

What’s the use of the heart piercing lock given by the master of Tongtian sect? He doesn’t even have a chance to use it!

Fourth, Yu Yuan is too careless.

I thought that with the heart piercing lock of the leader of Tongtian sect, I was sure to win, so I didn’t care.

Fifth, it is very likely that Yu Yuan hesitated and dared not kill the killer because of the words of the leader of Tongtian sect, so he was caught again by sun.

At that time, when the leader of Tongtian sect gave Yu Yuan to wear the heart lock, he said to him, “go and bring the fear of leaving sun to me. Don’t hurt him.”. Yu Yuan said, “I know.”

Probably because of this sentence, Yu Yuan was at a loss and did not dare to kill. He was also afraid of killing Jiang Ziya and Liu sun!

Therefore, this is the aspect of the leader of Tongtian sect who is more friendly. At this time, Yu Yuan is not afraid of leaving his grandchildren. But look at the original Tianzun. He killed Sanxiao directly. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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