Yu Zheng said that no one is his own God, so he must be the God of others

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The recent popularity of the TV series Meng Hua has made the leading actor Chen Xiao the object of heated discussion. Many celebrities who have relations with Chen Xiao have naturally been attacked by netizens. Among them, the relationship between Chen Xiao and Yu Zheng has been deeply discussed. Yu Zheng said that no one is his own God, so he must be someone else’s God. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will reveal the secret today.

Yu Zheng claims that no one is his own God

Chen Xiao was well known by Yu Zheng’s TV drama the legend of Lu Zhen. Yu Zheng is Chen Xiao’s bole. However, Chen Xiao chose to leave Yu Zheng’s company later, and the relationship between the two people seemed to be alienated a lot. He did not see any interaction between the two people. So after Chen Xiaohuo got angry this time, many people were very impressed with the relationship between Zheng and Chen Xiao. Some netizens said that Chen Xiao should not be so indifferent to his bole.

In the face of the hot discussion among netizens, Yu Zhengli directly said that he didn’t want to rub Chen Xiao’s heat. After that, Yu Zheng published his life insights on the social platform. Yu Zheng said that he was particularly afraid of losing the ability to help others, so he has been working very hard. Because no one is his God, he must be someone else’s God. Even if there is loss, sadness, misunderstanding and so on in the process, I will accept them all.

Yu Zheng says he must be the God of others

It seems that Yu Zheng is also pondering over his relationship with Chen Xiao. Perhaps Chen Xiao, who was praised by him, left Yu Zheng company because of some misunderstanding. In fact, besides Chen Xiao, there are many people who have been popular with Yu Zheng, such as zhaoliying, Yang Mi, Bai Lu, wujinyan, yuanshanshan, Yang Rong and so on. Yu Zheng also encouraged netizens that there are only two paths in the world: success and success, so that netizens must believe in themselves and never say die. Although Yu Zheng is a very controversial figure, it has to be said that Yu Zheng also has many places worth appreciating.

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