Yuan Shoucheng can know the front and rear, and is good at breaking Yin and Yang! Why was he safe when he revealed his secret in the journey to the west?

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Yuan Shoucheng can know the front and rear, and is good at breaking Yin and Yang! Why was he safe when he revealed his secret in the journey to the west? China story network Xiaobian brings detailed articles for your reference.

Yuan Shoucheng, a character in the journey to the west, a famous magician in the Tang Dynasty, and Yuan Tiangang’s uncle, described in the journey to the West that Yuan Shoucheng was born with “strange appearance and beautiful appearance.” he can know the front and rear, and is good at judging Yin and Yang.

Speaking of the mortals in the journey to the west, who is the most powerful? Some people say that it is elder Jinchi, because he can live nearly 300 years in a mortal body. However, I don’t know if you have ever thought that if elder Jinchi is so powerful, how can he be killed by a fire? Shouldn’t he have survived the disaster unharmed? Therefore, elder Jinchi is not so powerful.

In the journey to the west, there is a mortal who killed an immortal with his own strength. He has not done anything since then. This person should be the most powerful mortal in the journey to the West. Speaking of this, perhaps some of my friends know who Xiaobian said. This person is yuan Shoucheng. His profession is a fortune teller. Yuan Shoucheng revealed why the Jade Emperor dared not kill him. He had such a big background!

Because Yuan Shoucheng always told a fisherman where he could get more harvest, with the decrease of fish and shrimp, the Dragon King of Jinghe River appeared. He went to Yuan Shoucheng for trouble. Yuan Shoucheng told him when it would rain tomorrow and how deep it would be. The Dragon King of Jinghe River said that there was no such thing, so he bet with Yuan Shoucheng. The Dragon King who returned to the Dragon Palace was very happy. He was in charge of the rain. He didn’t know the news. How could yuan Shoucheng know.


However, after a while, the Jade Emperor ordered him to rain tomorrow. The imperial edict was exactly the same as Yuan Shoucheng’s, which scared the Dragon King. However, he didn’t want to lose, so it didn’t rain so much. However, because of his selfishness, he violated heaven’s rules and caused death. There is a saying that the secret of heaven cannot be disclosed, but why did yuan Shoucheng disclose the secret of heaven and the jade emperor did not punish him? This relates to the background of journey to the west, the struggle between Buddhism and Taoism. Yuan Shoucheng killed the Dragon King of the Jinghe River by means. Who is the biggest beneficiary?


Is it Buddhism? Is it because Li Shimin was scared to death after the death of the Dragon King that Li Shimin decided to go to get scriptures? After that, Tang Monk began his 14 year journey to learn Buddhist scriptures. Along the way, the countries he passed through began to believe in Buddhism. So the biggest beneficiary is Buddhism. We can know that Yuan Shoucheng should have been sent by the Buddha to smoothly carry out the great cause of learning scriptures. It is precisely because of the background of Buddhism that the jade emperor did not punish him.

Reading Journey to the west, we find that this is actually just a trick used by Buddhists. For example, the Bodhi patriarch taught a monkey king to stir up havoc in the heavenly palace and stir up chaos in the three realms. Finally, the Tathagata came out to clean up the mess and took it for his own use. However, the three realms are chaotic, and there are still traces of monkey trouble everywhere. The Flaming Mountain has been burning for 500 years, and Buddhism does not care.

Therefore, Yuan Shoucheng is, after all, the embodiment of the great Buddhist God. There is no doubt that those who have the ability to control the imperial edict of the Jade Emperor are not high enough in Guanyin and arhat. In this case, I am afraid there is only the original Buddha. At such a glance, he is indeed a powerful Tathagata and an unjust Dragon King! Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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