Yuanbingyan boasts that she can enter Fudan Jiaotong University at will with her college entrance examination scores

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Yuanbingyan is loved by many netizens by virtue of Liuli and Zhu Qinghao. As a public figure, yuanbingyan’s words and deeds will also be scrutinized by the public. Yuanbingyan boasted about her college entrance examination scores, saying that she could enter Fudan or Jiaotong University at that time. Unexpectedly, this remark attracted the ridicule of many netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Yuanbingyan boasts about her college entrance examination scores

Yuanbingyan talked about her past in a recent interview. Yuanbingyan said that her high school was a key high school. According to her scores at that time, she could enter Fudan Jiaotong University. Yuanbingyan said that her father was a civil servant, so she also hoped that her daughter could follow the normal plan and go to a famous school in Shanghai. However, yuanbingyan insisted on the path of art, and finally she was admitted to the Shanghai Academy of drama. Because the school was also in Shanghai, my father finally compromised.

However, after the interview was broadcast, many netizens mocked yuanbingyan’s attitude. Because in the eyes of many netizens, Fudan Jiaotong University is a graded institution in China. If it wasn’t for Xueba, it wouldn’t be able to enter such a university at all. Netizens mocked that yuanbingyan dared to make such a big talk because she thought that everyone would not check her college entrance examination scores, but Xiaobian felt that everyone really wronged yuanbingyan this time.

Yuanbingyan can enter Fudan Jiaotong University at will

For outsiders, it is really more difficult to be admitted to Fudan Jiaotong University. But for yuanbingyan, the difficulty is not so great. First of all, yuanbingyan herself is a genuine Shanghainese, and she has great advantages in this regard. Secondly, yuanbingyan’s high school is a key high school in Shanghai, and yuanbingyan is also an art student (yuanbingyan studied dance since childhood). Therefore, her college entrance examination scores for Fudan Jiaotong University are fundamentally different from those for outsiders. Yuanbingyan really didn’t lie.

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