Yuanshi Tianzun “ Sanqing ” The middle one is the most respected. What is his origin?

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Yuanshi Tianzun, the full name of “Yuqing Yuanshi Tianzun”, also known as Yuanshi Tianwang, is one of the “three Qings” gods of Taoism, and is the most respected among the “three Qings”. The general guide to immortals of all dynasties called him “the father who presided over the heaven”. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

In the early days of the formation of Taoism, there was no saying of “the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty”, and there were no records in the Taiping Sutra and the xianger annotation. In Chinese myths and legends, there is no origin to be found.


According to the records of daoshu, the earliest name of “Yuanshi” appeared in Jin Gehong’s pillow middle book, which records that before the beginning of the stick chaos, there was the essence of heaven and earth, named “the heavenly king of Yuanshi” and swam in it. In the second two ceremonies, the heavenly king of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty lived above the center of the sky, absorbed the weather and drank from the spring. After several robberies, he got pregnant with the jade daughter of Taiyuan, and gave birth to the Western Queen Mother of the emperor, the Emperor gave birth to the earth emperor, and the earth Emperor gave birth to the human emperor. After that, paoxi and Shennong were all of Miao descent.

And he said, “the xuandu jade capital Qibao mountain, above the Dalai Lama, has three palaces: the upper, middle and lower palaces. The upper palace is the home of immortal Pangu, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty, and his wife, the virgin.” At this time, there is only the title of the first heavenly king.

It was not until the Southern Dynasty that the map of true Lingwei karma by Liang Tao Hongjing began to have the title of “Yuanshi Tianzun”. The first rank of the book’s central deity is the “virtual emperor and Taoist king on the stage”, which should be named “Yuanshi Tianzun” and mainly called “Yuanshi Tianzun in Yuqing territory”. But there is also a “heavenly king of the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty”, listed as the fourth God in the middle and the fourth God in the left.

The book of Sui, annals of classics and records IV, first called for the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty to have the characteristics of gods, saying that he was “born before the Yuan Dynasty”. It is believed that “the body of the heavenly deity always exists and never dies. Every time the heaven and the earth are opened, it is given a secret way, which is called to rob people. However, the robbing is not once, so there are Yankang, Chi Ming, Longhan and kaihuang, which are the years of the emperor. After four billion years, all the immortals are of the highest quality, including the supreme old monarch, the supreme father-in-law, the real emperor, the five emperors and the immortal officials”. Taoists in the Sui Dynasty named the emperor “Le Jing Xin”.

During the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it was said that Pangu’s true position in ancient myths and legends was raised. It shows the belief of Taoist believers in the first heaven of the Yuan Dynasty.

As for the name of Yuanshi Tianzun, the book of beginner’s learning, Volume II, three quotations from the book of taixuan Zhenyi Jiji, explained that “there is no sect and supreme, but only can be the beginning of all things, so it is called Yuanshi. Everything in the path is extremely respected, and it often stays in the second Qing Dynasty and comes out of the heavens, so it is called Tianzun.”


“The general guide to immortals of all dynasties” said: “the Yuan Dynasty is the origin. The beginning is the beginning, and the innate Qi is also.” It is believed that the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty is the original source, above all immortals, so it is called “Tianzun”.

According to the description of Taoist Scriptures, the natural Qi of Yuanshi Tianzun existed before all things in the universe. His noumenon always exists and never dies. Even if all the heaven and earth are destroyed, it will not affect his existence in the slightest. Whenever a new heaven and earth are formed, the Heavenly Master will come to the world, teach the secret way and rob people. All the people who spend their time are top-grade immortals, including the Supreme Lord, the naive emperor, the five heavenly emperors and other immortals.

Whenever a new world is opened up, it has its year names, such as Yankang, Chi Ming, Longhan, kaihuang, etc. the year names are as long as 41 billion years apart. In addition, the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty ranked among the top “Dala days” of the thirty-six days, and his residence in Xianfu was called “xuandu Yujing”. In the jade capital, there are gold floors and jade steps. There are seven treasures and precious jade in the palace. The Immortal King, immortal Duke, immortal Qing, immortal uncle and immortal doctor live in the immortal halls in the center and on both sides. This style is obviously imitated by emperors on earth.

Looking at the evolution process of the Tianzun of Yuanshi, we can find that the word “Yuanshi” was originally a philosophical term used by Taoism to explain the origin of the world. Later, it was deified by Taoism and gradually evolved into the highest god of Taoism, ranking first among the three Qing Dynasties. From a historical point of view, this is completely consistent with the history of Taoism evolving into Taoism.

According to the “general guide to immortals of all dynasties”, the Yuanshi Tianzun “has a negative round light and wears 72 colors”. Therefore, the Yuanshi Tianzun enshrined in the Sanqing Hall of Taoism usually wears a divine light on his head, holds a red pill in his hand, or holds it with his left hand and his right hand, symbolizing the “infinite state” when “heaven and earth are not formed, chaos is not open, and everything is not born” and the first century when “Yin and yang are not judged in chaos”, so Yang generates Yin and Yang descends The winter solstice with short days and long nights is the Christmas of the first emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.

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