Yuelao is the God of happiness in charge of marriage in the myth. Where did the literature come from first?

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Yuelao (Yu รจ L ? o) , also known as chaidaohuang, also known as “old man under the moon” and “old man under the moon” in the folk. Born in Songcheng, Songzhou (now Shangqiu, Henan), it is the God of marriage in the folklore of the Han nationality, that is, the God of matchmaking. It is a celestial being in heaven. The following China story net Xiaobian will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

The image of Yuelao first appeared in the engagement shop of the novel collection “Xu Xuan Guai Lu” written by Li Fuyan, a novelist of the Tang Dynasty. It records that in the second year of Yuanhe in the Tang Dynasty (AD 807), he met an old man under the moon. Knowing this, the magistrate of Songcheng County named the hotel where Wei Gu used to live as the “engagement Hotel”, from which Yuelao came. It has been passed down from generation to generation that men, women, old and young know it. The old man under the moon later became a proxy for the matchmaker.


The old man under the moon tied men and women with a red rope to determine the marriage relationship between men and women, which reflected the cognitive attitude of people in the Tang Dynasty towards love and marriage that “the previous life is doomed to this life”. For the old idea that marriage must be matched by family, the old marriage idea has obviously made great progress.

Character origin

Yuexia old man, referred to as “Yuelao” for short, is also called chaidaohuang. It is the God of marriage in Chinese folklore, that is, the God of matchmaking. The deeds of Yuelao were not recorded before the Tang Dynasty.

The earliest document recording Yuelao comes from the “Xu Xuan Guai Lu – engagement shop” by Li Fuyan of the Tang Dynasty. It is said that Du Ling, Wei Gu, visited the song city in the second year of the Yuan Dynasty and met an old man leaning on the cloth bag, sitting on the steps and picking up books from the moon. Gu asked what book he was looking for, and answered, “the wedding slips in the world.” He asked what was in the bag, and answered, “the red rope ear is used to tie the feet of the husband and wife. Even if it is used to tie the feet of the husband and wife, it can be used to tie them. Although it is against the enemy’s family, the high and low are separated, the world is from the official, and Wu and Chu are foreign countries. This rope can never be tied.” Later, it is often used as a proxy for a matchmaker.

The old man who leans on the cloth bag under the moon, sits on the steps and checks the book to the moon is the old man under the moon who was later regarded as the God of marriage among the people. As long as he ties the feet of men and women in the world with a red rope in his bag, he will dissolve everything and eventually become a husband and wife, even if he experiences torture such as “enemy resentment, separation between high and low, the end of the world from officials, and a foreign land of Wu and Chu”.


“Six chapters of a floating life”: “it is said that the old man under the moon is specialized in marriage. In this life, the couple have been involved, and marriage in the afterlife must also rely on divine power.”


In the biography of heroes and heroines by Wenkang of the Qing Dynasty, “could it be that he had this marriage in his heart and was not easy to open his mouth, but he built the plank road openly and secretly. He agreed on my affairs first, and then he could borrow my parents to give him a month old man.”

“Children’s Heroes”: “today’s happy event, not only have matchmakers, but also invite matchmakers in pairs. Besides, there is an old man under the moon.”

Lao Zhang’s philosophy: they are religious people who do not provide for God, just like those who do not provide for their descendants’ mothers and the elderly under the moon.

The third part of Ming anonymous’s Nvzhen Taoist temple: “you have the right to be a matchmaker of the mountain leader’s relatives. My two rings have made it possible for me to make friends with the Phoenix and the Phoenix.”

In the 57th chapter of a dream of Red Mansions by Cao Xueqin of the Qing Dynasty, “if the old people under the moon don’t need to be tied with red lines, they can’t go anywhere.”

“A dream of Red Mansions”: “from the ancient road: ‘a thousand miles of marriage is led by a thread.” there was an old man in charge of marriage. He was predestined to use only one red silk secretly to trip up the feet of these two people. “

The twelfth chapter of Chenchen’s the Water Margin: a pair of beauties and talents. Although he is overseas, he is also the son-in-law of a country with infinite wealth. Kuang Tianyuan was tied by the old man under the moon. Don’t be suspicious. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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