ZELINSKY just said that only Ukraine may defeat Russia and recover all its territory!

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Source: official account: once shot

On June 7, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu announced that 97% of the entire Lugansk region is under the control of the Russian army, and the remaining 3% includes part of the urban area of northern Donetsk, the whole territory of lisichansk city and its surrounding areas – which is also the region with the most intense fighting at present.

On the same day, what did President Zelensky say about the situation in Lugansk, where only 3% of the territory remained?

“It is unacceptable for Russia and Ukraine to form a stalemate on the battlefield. The ultimate goal is to fully restore Ukraine’s sovereignty.” Still shouting such heroic words in the declining situation makes people feel a little confused. People who do not understand the war situation think that Ukraine has defeated Russia.

Of course, the “cruel words” of the actor and president are not words or words, but words to the west of the United States.

ZELINSKY actually knows that Russia is strong and Ukraine is weak. According to chinanews.com reported on June 10, Zelinski said that the strength of the Ukrainian army is far weaker than that of Russia. Only by obtaining 10 times the current military strength can Ukraine defeat Russia on the battlefield and recover all Ukrainian territory.

Do not know the United States and the West understand? President skey wants 10 times the current military strength. Your military assistance to this point is too far away to help.

Can the US and the west give Zelensky 10 times as much military power as he relies on “turning the tables”?

Let’s take a look at the series of “coquettish operations” of American and Western military assistance to Ukraine.

One of the operations, “blood sucking” blood transfusion

WOW! The United States has really paid for Ukraine.

On May 21, President Biden could not wait to wave his pen and signed a large order to allocate US $39.8 billion to Uzbekistan in South Korea. At first glance, the eyes of the world have been opened. The United States, like you said, regards Ukraine as a “chess piece” and clearly regards Ukraine as a “son”! President ski almost called Biden his “father” when he heard the news.

This is by far the largest aid program for Ukraine. If we add in more than $13 billion in aid to Ukraine in March, the total amount will reach more than $53 billion, more than the total amount of U.S. foreign aid in 2019, more than three times the total amount of European aid, and will be recorded in the history of U.S. foreign aid.

If we add in the more than 30billion euros promised by the G7 to assist Ukraine, plus the assistance from European countries to Ukraine, it will far exceed Russia’s annual military expenditure of 60billion dollars, second only to Germany, the second largest NATO member in 2022, and higher than Britain, the third largest.

What kind of spirit is this? Of course, it is the spirit to build the Ukrainian army into the first-class main force of NATO’s trump card. No wonder Ukraine claims to expand its army to 1million, which is not bad for money!


There is also a real opportunity to say that Ukraine is “turning the tables” on the Internet. Russia should spit out what it eats.

Is that true? I’m afraid president skey can’t laugh. He knows that he has been fooled by Biden, the “father” who hasn’t yet spoken out.

Ukraine got the title package of the “aid bill to Ukraine” given by the United States. There is something fishy inside.

The biggest problem is that the United States actually “sucks blood” from Ukraine, which seems to be a “blood transfusion” to Ukraine.

There are a variety of projects. Here is no longer specific bill, just a few examples:

For example, US $8.7 billion is for the US military to replenish its own inventory and US $1.2 billion is for the US military to purchase. I gave you all the weapons in the American warehouse. Now I have to replenish the inventory. You have to admit it in Ukraine. The $4billion in “foreign military financing” was actually given to the European countries in the east wing of NATO; It will cost US $3.9 billion to strengthen the US military presence in Europe. These two items are to support you in Ukraine, and you have to admit it; The US $9billion is said to be economic and technical assistance to Ukraine, but in fact, this money is not directly sent to Ukraine, but is allocated to some US foundations, which will support Ukraine “as appropriate”. In terms of humanitarian and global food security needs, the United States does not say that the more than $6 billion is for Ukraine, but for “the world”. Whether it is used in Africa or for European countries “affected by the Russian Ukrainian crisis”, it can be humanitarian assistance. Can’t you say that it has nothing to do with Ukraine?

All these things, directly or indirectly, arise from Ukraine. The other $39.8 billion projects are all “blood sucking” for Ukraine. You can recognize it or not.

See? Of the $39.8 billion, only about $6billion is used to provide equipment, logistics, intelligence and training support to the Ukrainian army. If only weapons and equipment are included, it may be only about $1.8 billion.

Operation II, “crowdfunding” military assistance

On April 26, two months after Russia’s “special military operation”, Donbas became the new main battlefield. U.S. Defense Secretary Austin hosted the “40 nation” security conference at the U.S. Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, asking all participating countries to support Ukraine and provide more urgently needed heavy weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.


Austin’s speech of “Ukraine can win” was quite provocative. The German defense minister said at the meeting that the German government had approved the delivery of a number of “leopard” tanks and air defense systems to the Ukrainian army, and Germany really deserved the role of “host”.

In addition, France also wants to provide “Caesar” self-propelled guns. Britain provides “starlight” air defense missiles and tanks. Many Eastern European countries have also expressed their willingness to provide Ukraine with heavy equipment in their arsenals in exchange for a new generation of weapons from the United States.

A discerning person can understand at a glance that this is actually a “crowdfunding” conference for military assistance to Ukraine.

Objectively speaking, we have to admit that this “crowdfunding” has made the weapons and equipment obtained by the Ukrainian army resist for a while on the battlefield, and even aroused the desire of the Ukrainian army to prepare for a major counter offensive against the Russian army in July.

In late May, in order to implement the assistance to Ukraine, Germany specially signed an agreement with Ukraine on the delivery of “Gepard” air defense tanks and provided training for the Ukrainian army in the use of such air defense weapons. However, planning is not as good as change.

Recently, German Chancellor Scholz made a commitment in the Bundestag to provide Ukraine with a number of modern air defense systems and tracking radars. The German Ministry of defense reported that the equipment promised by Scholz to the Uzbek side was not reserved by the Bundeswehr and would not be available until it was delivered by military enterprises.

“The next few weeks will be very, very critical,” Milly, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff, said before the meeting Ukraine “needs continuous support to succeed on the battlefield, which is the real purpose of this meeting”.

What struck Milly was that the “very, very critical weeks” had long passed, and the battlefield situation was developing day by day in the opposite direction of “the real purpose of this meeting”.

The seemingly powerful NATO, with the exception of the United States, Britain and France, the vast majority of countries rely on the protection of NATO. Their armaments have long been weakened. They can’t get much decent weapons and equipment, so they have to deal with it. However, the United States, Britain and France, which have real conditions, are not interested in aiding Ukraine. The United States and Britain are too far away. Previously, a senior American official pointed out that it would take the United States a week to send weapons and equipment to the Ukrainian army, which can only be used for one day.

Of course, there are also some advanced new weapons with military assistance. Since they have not been tested in actual combat, the United States, Britain and other countries may regard Ukraine as a testing ground for testing their new weapons.

Although the “crowdfunding” military assistance has its own advantages, its disadvantages are obvious. Some are “first, then”, the arrival sequence is “chaotic”, some are “old and new”, the equipment generation difference is “large”, some are high and some are low, and the weapon models are “miscellaneous”, which has seriously affected the formulation of operational plans and the actual tactical application, and the maintenance under field conditions is even more difficult.

Sao operation III, “castration version” weapon

Some time ago, the online m777 was equipped with a “divine sword” to hang Russia. Recently, there has been a sudden reversal.

During the artillery battle between the two sides, m777 was hanged by the Russian army, and one door was captured by the Russian army. What happened?

The Uzbek army was killed by the Americans.

Of the 90 m777 howitzers provided by the United States to Ukraine, 74 were deployed in the Donbas region. Recently, some pictures of m777 participating in the battle came out from the Internet, and military fans found that these m777 were castrated.


The “castration” is precisely the core and tip part of the artillery to achieve precision strike – the fire control system. It is the radar and computer in the fire control system that can accurately hit the target through continuous target search and calculation.

The artillery has no fire control system, and it can also hit a “bird”.

Moreover, m777 is capable of launching “divine sword” guided shells. After a long time of tossing and turning, the Ukrainian army wondered about the mysterious disappearance of this “divine sword”.

The beleaguered Ukrainian army asked the United States to provide a number of more powerful weapons, such as the m270 multiple rocket launcher.

Did America give it? Ukraine begged for three months, and the United States hesitated for three months before making up its mind to give it.

However, the “castrated version” was given.

The original m270 multiple rocket launcher and its light version of the hippocampus rocket launcher have a maximum range of 300 kilometers, can form a wide range of high-intensity firepower coverage, and its damage effect is far better than that of all types of artillery in Ukraine.

However, Biden clearly told the outside world that the United States will never provide Ukraine with a long-range rocket system that can reach Russian territory.

The only way to do that is to continue “castration” and control the range at 80 kilometers, which will greatly reduce the damage ability.

Why did the Ukrainian army receive a “castrated version” of the artillery at the white hot stage of the “real artillery battle” in Donbas?

Lao Mei is not stupid. First, I’m afraid that it will stimulate Russia too much. No one can stand it if old maozi wants to put a “salmat” mushroom. After all, Putin’s warning is not a joke; Second, they were worried about being captured. The old American explanation that “the advanced fire control system was dismantled only to prevent it from being acquired by the Russian army” made the Ukrainian army stare. After all, the Russian army captured an m777 on the third day of fighting in the Donbas battlefield. If there was a fire control system on it, it would be a big gift to Russia; Third, I am afraid that President Slobodan ski will hit important targets in depth in Russia, so Russia will hit targets that have never been hit before. God knows what these targets are, but they will lead to more serious consequences; Fourth, knowing that Ukraine cannot win, just letting it fight nonstop can make Russia spend every day and earn a lot of money for military assistance.

Another way to implement the “castration version” is to replace the “old” with the “new”. The United States “generously” sells old weapons to Ukraine at a high price, then buys new weapons to arm itself, and finally asks Ukraine to pay its debts? According to this logic, Ukraine is really a “big wrongdoer”.

Operation 4, “lossy” connection

The United States and the West have provided Ukraine with a large amount of weapons and equipment through “crowdfunding” military assistance, and whether all these weapons and equipment can be delivered to the front-line officers and soldiers of the Ukrainian army is impossible.

This is the “wear and tear” connection, that is, Ukraine’s reception of Western military aid from the United States is “wear and tear”, that is, it is impossible to receive all the military aid weapons and equipment, let alone send them to the front-line officers and soldiers. This “wastage” is reflected in the part destroyed by the Russian army and the part smuggled into the hands of extremists.


Some analysts believe that American weapons entering Ukraine may eventually fall into the hands of insurgents. Earl Rasmussen, vice president of the US Eurasian center, said: “most of the armaments (to Ukraine) will never reach the front line.” He added that the equipment was “either sold on the black market or destroyed by the Russians”.

“Destroyed by the Russians” is credible. The spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry can often be heard about cracking down on Ukrainian weapons and equipment assembly points and destroying us western military aid weapons.

It is not groundless to fall into the hands of extremism into the black market. According to the British guardian, Interpol recently warned that the weapons of various countries assisting Ukraine might eventually become “black market property”, which would be very terrible if they finally entered the hands of extremism. Interpol urged relevant countries to strictly track the whereabouts of the weapons that had assisted Ukraine.

In addition, considering the midway loss and other human factors, it would be good if half of the weapons and equipment provided by the west to Ukraine could be delivered to the Ukrainian army.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) analyzed that after the Russian offensive focused on the Donbas region, it has been making small but stable progress. Although Ukraine is receiving us western howitzers, anti artillery radars and other heavy weapons, it is still suppressed by Russian firepower.

Under such circumstances, it is already a miracle that the Ukrainian army has survived to the present.

Operation 5, “rush” training

Thanks to the unprecedented arms aid program implemented by the United States and the west, Ukraine has survived for more than 100 days. It is undeniable that the United States and the West are still making contributions to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

With the Ukrainian army’s retreat in the Donbas battlefield and ZELINSKY’s repeated calls for help, the west of the United States has stepped up its efforts to deliver urgently needed heavy weapons and equipment to Ukraine.


But here comes the problem. According to a recent report in the New York Times, the scale and speed of Western weapons assistance to Ukraine have exceeded the ability of Ukrainian forces to normally use and maintain these weapons.

what do you mean? Wu Jun “can’t play”!

According to the report, some Ukrainian officers told the New York Times that the Ukrainian front-line troops had not received enough training in the use and maintenance of the m777 155 mm towed howitzer provided by the United States.

This is the combination of “people and weapons” I mentioned before to form combat effectiveness, which can only be achieved through a certain period of strict training.

The US and the West provided Ukrainian troops with Soviet style weapons and

Simple training can master the use of portable individual air defense, anti tank missiles and rocket launchers.

However, the heavy equipment such as the howitzer mentioned by the Ukrainian officer can not play without a certain period of training. These heavy equipment should not only carry out the professional training of individual personnel, but also have the cooperative training of team cooperation, but also have the combined training with the command and reconnaissance unit. It is difficult to form combat effectiveness without a training cycle.

Even if the PLA is equipped with new domestic weapons and equipment, the formation of combat effectiveness of the army also requires a certain period of training cycle, not just for immediate use.

What’s more, the Ukrainian army has received “crowdfunding” weapons and equipment from many countries. It is not easy to form combat effectiveness only by relying on this “hasty” training? No wonder Ukrainian army officers say that they have not received enough training. In other words, these weapons do not play a “sufficient role”.

When talking about why they surrendered, the soldiers of the 36th Ugandan brigade, who had already surrendered in an organic form, roast complained that the weapons provided by Britain were useless and simply “junk”. This is related to the performance of weapons and equipment, and more importantly, the lack of necessary training.

Operation 6, “mercenary” recruitment

On June 2, Ukrainian President Zelensky said in a video speech at the Luxembourg parliament that since Russia launched a special military operation against Ukraine on February 24, Ukraine has lost more than 30000 soldiers.

Ukrainian defense minister reznikov said on social media on June 9 that the current war situation is grim. About 100 soldiers of the Ukrainian army are killed and 500 soldiers are injured every day. The Ukrainian army is in urgent need of various heavy weapons and equipment.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman zaharova said that in order to supplement the decreasing armed forces, Ukraine is continuing to recruit foreign mercenaries.

Zelensky said that the good mobilization of 1million Ukrainians to join the war was missing. He had to hope that foreign mercenaries would continue to be recruited.

US private military companies have participated in the recruitment of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine, including Afghan refugees and armed extremist groups. This wave of “coquettish operation” has something to do with the Americans.

According to the Russian military, the number of 6600 mercenaries in Ukraine has dropped from 6600 to 3500.

Where are 3100 people? Except that a few people were scared away, most of them were vaporized by Russian ammunition.

These mercenaries are OK to play cool in the streets with M-4 carbines and pocket pants in the security wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they will die if they play cool in the Ukrainian battlefield. Unlike the previous strongest opponents, who were just dozens of Iraqi guerrillas with AK and rocket launchers, these mercenaries faced the Russian army, the world’s second-largest military power, and its powerful firepower.

In the words of Canadian sniper Wali, the battlefield in Ukraine is completely different from that in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, snipers can search for targets carefully and shoot steadily. In the Ukrainian battlefield, before the sniper entered the position, the whole area was covered by heavy destructive gunfire. As soon as the battle began, groups of tanks rushed up under the cover of heavy artillery and rocket launchers.

Even the British media, which have always disparaged Russia and Ukraine, follow up and report many domestic well-known big V quotes and forwards, and it is disgusting to see the headlines alone. Such media seem to have changed their tone recently. They have to admit that the Western mercenaries on the Ukrainian battlefield have insufficient combat effectiveness. At most, they only have the experience of security warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is a battlefield with completely different intensity from the Russian Ukrainian battlefield.

In my opinion, I’m afraid these mercenaries are fairly capable of doing it alone. Some of them are not lacking in trivial skills. When they mix together to fight against a powerful armed system, they basically give away their heads.

Regardless of combat effectiveness and training level, these mercenaries with the intention of “killing people and setting fires to earn money” are trying to turn the tables. ZELINSKY is either acting or pretending to be B.

As early as after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, I boasted about foreign mercenaries on the Internet. I said bluntly that “a country needs to recruit foreign mercenaries to fight a war. There is no chance of winning this war.”

This “six bosao operation” can only enable the Ukrainian army to have certain military resources to conduct limited consumption operations with the Russian army, and may bring some trouble to the Russian army in local battles. However, it is very limited to improve the overall combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army, which is far from the current military strength that the Ukrainian army begged to “turn the tables” to defeat the Russian army.

In other words, ZELINSKY’s saying that “only by obtaining 10 times the current military strength” does not exist, so his saying that “only by defeating Russia on the battlefield and recovering all the territory of Ukraine” is undoubtedly a dream.

As a response to the acceleration of us and Western military assistance to the Ukrainian army, the Russian army has begun to put stronger, bigger and more weapons into the “decisive battle” of Donbas, which will not be listed here.

Just a few more words on the latest news that four su-57 aircraft have teamed up to hunt down the Ukrainian army’s air defense system.

According to the Russian news agency reported on June 9, the Russian army formed an air combat formation of four su-57s, and coordinated the aerial destruction of the Ukrainian air defense system detected and locked through advanced airborne navigation and identification system, real-time automatic communication, high-speed data transmission and other means.

The move adopted the strategy of four su-57 networked team hunting, creating a precedent for the fifth generation stealth fighters to confront conventional air defense systems for the “first time” in the world, showing the strong fighting confidence of the Russian air and space army, and countering the rumors that the stealth performance of the su-57 fighter is poor, which is frustrating for Ukraine and uplifting for Russia.


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