Zhai Xiao can’t hide the film and television character secretly. Tian Xiwei plays the role of male and female leader

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Being unable to hide is a very popular novel. Since it was decided to make a TV play, people have been discussing who the men and women of the play are. I can’t hide the film and television. According to the latest news, Zhai Xiaowen is the hero and tianxiwei is the heroine. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Can’t hide the film and television

It is a very popular modern romance novel in Jinjiang. It tells a story about a surly girl Sang Zhi who secretly fell in love with her 20-year-old brother duanjiaxu at the age of 13, and finally got the love story she wanted. The plot that can’t be hidden secretly is a very sweet favorite play. The heroine Sang Zhi is smart and poisonous. She is a very giggling and lovely girl. The hero duanjiaxu, though a little black, is absolutely a 100% good man.

The latest news is that Zhai Xiaowen will play the leading actor duanjiaxu. Zhai Xiaowen has attracted public attention for participating in tomorrow’s son 2 and Creation Camp 2019. Although he was born in Aidou, Zhai Xiaowen has acted in TV dramas before. For example, you are beautiful when you smile, you secretly love orange in Huainan, and you live in the dust of the world. It’s a good thing that Zhai Xiaowen can’t hide secretly. If Zhai Xiaowen really wins the resources of the hero, it’s definitely a very good thing. No wonder Zhai Xiaowen’s fans are very happy.

Zhaixiaowen and tianxiwei play male and female roles

It was said that the heroine was zhaoruth before the film and television transformation, but the final result was Tian Xiwei. Tianxiwei and zhaoruth belong to the same category in appearance. They are both sweet young girls. Tianxiwei’s portrayal of Sang Zhi as the heroine is actually quite consistent with her image. It’s just that Tian Xiwei and Zhao Ruth are a little well-known, so many fans of Zhao Ruth are dissatisfied with this. They think that they can’t hide it secretly. They have been using Zhao Ruth to hype, and the result is Tian Xiwei “ Make wedding clothes ” Yes.

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